Tips to Staying Positive at Work

by A Guest Author

The job market today is a difficult one and jumping from job-to-job guarantees eventual unemployment which means many just stay in their positions, even if they loathe them. Sometimes job satisfaction is just not an option for most, only a salary is. Others may be completely unhappy in their positions but are prepared to deal with it as the importance of it as a stepping stone to better things may far outweigh the negative aspects.

Job satisfaction

It is considered one of the most important factors in our lives; job satisfaction is extremely important for our personal happiness. We spend 75% of our lives in the workplace and when it’s a workplace we are extremely miserable in we need to make a point of changing jobs or making our positions work for us. Becoming a slave to a job that makes you unhappy is extremely detrimental to your physical and mental health.

  • Make it work for you: Take action and change what you don’t like. If you are so unhappy but can’t change your job, then try to use it as a stepping stone to something better. Get motivation from your current position and use it to take part-time classes in something you would much rather pursue. Look towards a career that will give you the ultimate job satisfaction.
  • Salary: The lack of job satisfaction is very often the best alternative. Dealing with no salary, mounting bills and depression creeping in, just is not worth it in the long run.
  • Change your workspace: It really is difficult if you dislike what you do, but job satisfaction can be attained with the right motivations in place. Put up family photos. Keep inspiring messages around your desk area. Try to cultivate a more positive outlook on your position.
  • Set goals: The importance of your position can also negatively affect a person. Job satisfaction largely comes, not only from passion, but also from feeling like what you’re doing is not appreciated. Decide to climb the ladder and set the wheels in motion.

Many of the factors influencing job satisfaction may be beyond your control, but there are many that you can take control of in order to make your work life a happier one. Life is what you make of it, and if you are not happy then make the changes. They may not come immediately, but setting goals and getting the wheels moving will immediately make a difference in your personal moods. You will feel much more positive about your job and job satisfaction will come more easily because you want it.

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Vida Denning is a freelance writer who sometimes works from a serviced office and other times from home. That's part of her job satisfaction.

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