Why STEM Classes Comprise the Hardest College Majors

by A Guest

Yes, some college classes are more difficult than others.

Anyone who has stepped foot on a college campus will tell you college is hard…real hard. But, some have a much stronger argument than others.

STEM Classes: If you haven’t been paying attention to STEM areas, you should probably start. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and many economists and politicians (including President Obama) are pushing for students to pursue these degrees. There are incredible career opportunities in these areas, and economists believe we need to produce more STEM majors to be globally competitive.

But, the problem is: these classes are hard…real hard. About one out of three students who intends to pursue a STEM degree never earns it, according to a Wake Forest University survey and CBS. Some students drop out of college or transfer to another major where A’s are much easier to come by.

The five hardest college majors (based on lowest GPA) are:

  1. Chemistry 2.78 GPA
  2. Math 2.90 GPA
  3. Economics 2.95 GPA
  4. Psychology 2.98 GPA
  5. Biology 3.02 GPA
  6. Education 3.36 GPA
  7. Language 3.34 GPA
  8. English 3.33 GPA
  9. Music 3.30 GPA
  10. Religion 3.22 GPA

The five easiest college majors (based on highest GPA) are:

-Based on grade information from an unnamed college from 2001-2009.

Your GPA is important; however, employers know which majors are the toughest, and they will take that into consideration. The fact of the matter is employers are begging – absolutely begging – students to earn STEM degrees by dangling high-paying jobs straight out of college.

Many students think that a low GPA means a low-paying job or even unemployment. But, a student with an average GPA in Engineering has a better chance of getting a job than a student with an average GPA in English, even though the Engineering student’s GPA is significantly lower. That’s the major issue that disconnects what politicians and employers are trying to communicate.

College STEM classes have to be hard to adequately prepare students for future careers. There is a significant amount of skill and knowledge needed to be an accomplished engineer, and employers expect employees to have a thorough understanding when they graduate. That’s why professors crank up the intensity of their classes.

Economists are screaming that something has to give. Either students have to battle through tougher classes, knowing the benefits can be extraordinary, STEM professors make their STEM classes easier, or liberal arts professors make their classes harder, so transferring won’t be as attractive.

But, changing class difficulty is probably not going to happen. Most professors are simply going to say: students need to suck it up. Perhaps that is correct but you can find help.

This guest post article was written and provided by Janice Mitchell who is a stay at home mother and has homeschooled her children with the help of VarsityTutors.com over 10 years.

This post was written by A Guest

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