Summer Studies Every College Student Should Consider

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College and high school students on summer vacation who are eager to make the transition to college can benefit from taking summer courses, including online course at community college or university. In addition to earning college credit, students can take advantage of the summer months to learn a skill they wouldn’t have time to learn otherwise. Almost any student can begin to learn Russian, and reap the benefits of doing so, in a summer course.

The Economic Benefits of Learning Russian

Given the state of the economy, recent college graduates face more competition than ever before in the job market. Acquiring valuable job skills, like learning a foreign language, can seriously improve the chance of landing a great job in a difficult economic climate. In addition to earning a degree, college students should seriously consider the many economic benefits associated with bilingualism.

Students who ask themselves why they should learn Russian should acknowledge the nature of modern business. More than 30 percent of the U.S. economy relies upon international trade, meaning that job candidates who can communicate with foreign clients are particularly attractive to employers. Statistics indicate that the trend of internationally driven business growth will continue well into the future. In fact, half of the economic growth in the U.S. since the 2009 recession has been attributed to foreign trade.

For many job candidates, fluency in Russian is a particularly helpful qualification. Thanks to its growing economy, Russia has become a major player in international business. It is considered one of the most important expanding foreign economies alongside Brazil, Russia, India and China, collectively known as BRIC. College graduates who possess the ability to conduct business in these countries have excellent job prospects.

Meet The Demands of Today’s Job Market

The job market has changed significantly over the last decade. An increase in college graduates has spelled an increase in overall competition for jobs. Standing out from the crowd requires skill, perseverance and a robust resume. Fluency in a foreign language can significantly increase anyone’s base salary requirement and will embellish a professional resume.

College students and recent high school graduates who choose to pursue summer studies stand to gain more than just a new skill. Learning a foreign language such as Russian can help students secure an interesting, exciting career full of travel opportunities. Learning a foreign language will also show diligence; a great quality many employers look for in their future business leaders.

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