How to Survive College When You’re Sick

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Being sick is no fun. When you are sick and enrolled in classes, it's just plain stressful. All you want is to feel better, yet you have classes, homework, reading assignments, papers and tests to keep up with. Don't worry; it is completely possible to conquer school while you're feeling down and out.

Communicate with Your Professors

If you are sick for more than a day or two, you need to talk to your teachers. Send them an email letting them know why you haven't been in class. This is also a good time to communicate your plan for staying on track. Turn in assignments through email if you can, and if not, ask if you can turn them in when you're able to attend class again. Many professors are willing to work with students who keep the lines of communication open.

Buddy Up with Classmates

Now is a good time to take advantage of study groups or partners. It's always wise to have the contact information of at least one friend in your class. Get in touch with her and find out if she would be willing to let you copy her notes and pick up assignments for you. If you aren't able to turn things in online, see if your class buddy can turn in your homework for you.

Stay on Track

It isn't the most entertaining thing to do, but while you are sick try to stay on track as much as possible. Being bed ridden is the perfect excuse to get lots of reading and reviewing in. Stay up to date on assigned readings so that you aren't stuck having to play catch up when you're on your feet again. This may be more easily accomplished if you are in online classes, where you know your class schedule but you can do it for regular classes too.

Get Better

Sometimes stress can weaken your immune system and make it harder for your body to recover. Even though you are trying to stay on track with class, be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep in to. Taking on too much can backfire, causing you to be sick for a longer period of time.

Don't Hurry Back

Many people start to feel a little better, then try to hit the ground running again. They go back to class and take on a full load of work and school assignments. If you've been sick, try to break back in slowly, and don't attend class again until you are sure you aren't contagious. This will prevent you, and others, from getting sick again.

Trying to stay up to date with class work can be tough when you're sick. Next time you get the flu, keep these tips in mind and you'll be feeling better in no time.

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