Ten Reasons I Love College

by A Guest Author

I was a little bit worried about leaving home and traveling hundreds of miles to go to college where I would know absolutely nobody at all. After all I was not the funniest or most sociable girl at school, so how would I fit in with all the good looking and sophisticated people in my new college.

I really should not have worried as I have never enjoyed anything or anywhere so much in my life. The social life is an absolute delight and even the classes are so much more tailored to what I need that I am even enjoying them too. In short it has been a great start to my college life. So I thought I would list with you my personnel top ten reasons I am loving college at the moment.

1/ I can now be the person I want to be. I can come out of my shell and mix and talk with fellow students. This is something I could not do before as everyone knew I was a shy missy, but here nobody knows that so I can really blossom and become a great NEW me.

2/ The place is full of people who really want to learn. This makes classes less of a nightmare and here is hardly any disruption from people who do not want to be educated. I suppose having to pay money focuses the mind on the task. Nobody enjoys essay editing I suppose, but when you know what your parents have spent to get you here, you do it.

3/ The chance to have a social life. I am out to bars and other peoples rooms. We play music and talk and it is great to have the ability to learn about other people’s ways of life. The shy missy at home never even asked.

4/I love the fact that I am getting to be independent. At home no matter if I tried to take control either my mum or dad would step in and take over from me. I assume they did not trust my decisions or thought I was not capable of doing it. I have learnt that I am!

5/ I decide when I eat when I sleep and when I study. This allows me such flexibility in making myself a real sociable person.

6/ Trying new foods and drinks. At home my parents were very conservative and any ethnic type of food never passed our lips. What I have missed is astonishing. I love the food, and one of my friends cooks us Indian food. Fantastic.

7/Meeting guys. Yes, although I thought it would never happen I am now meeting guys for drinks and am even dating a great guy now. Well I think we should call a date. Romance and fun which I never thought in a million years a plain missy like me would have.

8/            Camaraderie and friendship. This is the biggest plus as people here are so supportive. It is not a case of someone laughs at you if you do not understand something. People explain and help. Nobody seems to treat anyone else like a fool at all.

9/ I are beginning to have some fashion sense. I am borrowing clothes from friends and when I look in the mirror I see a new person. I love her. I now feel confident to go and buy a new wardrobe over the next few weeks.

10/ I have found myself able to discuss and argue, which is something I was not really allowed to do at home. Now if I have a difficult subject for homework or essay editing I find myself having long discussions with other people. These discussions even make me think about the stance I have taken. I now know I am able to adapt and grow. Thanks to college.

Guest Author:

Sally Morris is now really a new woman since she started at her new college. Everybody should have the chance to change from what they are to what they want to be.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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