The 5 Best Jobs For Introverts

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Introverts come in many forms, but they all have one thing in common. What extroverts usually mistake for a shy demeanor is really the source of an introvert’s strength. Keeping close quarters with other people quickly drains introverts of vitality. For this reason, introverts do best with types of employment that are less suited to social interactions, though the results of their work may actually impact many people. In keeping with the solitary nature of introverts, here are the five best careers in which they may thrive best. Salaries given are from The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (


Accountants are often imagined as stodgy and aloof. In actuality, the minds of introverted accountants are continuously filled with highly-complex concepts. It is as if there is an invisible jigsaw puzzle made from numbers, and the accountant derives great pleasure from ensuring that all the pieces fit. Accounting rules and regulations are always evolving and the work environment is one of constant learning. Introverts that enjoy solving problems and yet have no overwhelming desire to express their creativity may find that an accounting career is perfect for them.

Average salary: $61,690/year

College Professor

It may seem strange that introverts make good college professors, but the opposite is true. Despite leading a classroom full of students and the requirement to interact with other staff and administrators, college professors spend a great deal of time on other pursuits. Planning lessons, developing their own research, writing, and similar tasks are all engaging, solitary actions. Introverts with a love of exploring and sharing knowledge are well-suited to this career.

Average salary: $62,050/year.

Computer Programmer

Like the accountant, computer programmers must master ever-expanding systems of knowledge. They must learn new programming languages, sift through code, and keep abreast of emerging technologies. This job requires great concentration and often long hours alone, which is perfect for most introverts. Many computer programmers find that there is also some room for creativity in this field as projects evolve.

Average salary: $71,380/year


As a group, musicians are often stereotyped as being wildly outgoing and even irresponsible, but many introverts find music to be a perfect balance of creativity, learning, discipline, and personal accomplishment. Music has a long history to be explored and a challenging language of its own to be mastered, both in its written form and in its infinite tonal relationships. Usually, musicians are also employed at other jobs, but with dedication and perseverance a richly rewarding career can be made. A musical career can range from being a member of a rock band to soloing as a singer/songwriter, from performing with a symphonic orchestra to being a composer.

Perhaps more than any other career, pay is based upon not only skill but also upon popularity. Musicians that have regular employment average $28.28 per hour.


Sitting for long hours while typing away at a keyboard is draining enough for most people, but the added pressure of meeting deadlines both real and self-imposed can be overwhelming. It is the very nature of the introvert that leaves him or her best equipped for the task. Writers have many career options within the field, such as selling books, technical writing, or producing advertising copy. Despite strong competition, writing is one of the best careers for self-motivated introverts with a strong need to create.

Average salary: $55,420/year.

Introverts have many job options, but not all are suited to their personalities. When looking for the right career, introverts simply cannot go wrong with these five best choices.

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