The Almighty Interview: What Employers are Really Looking For in You

by Chad Agrawal

7977367557_6d8711614a_nEveryone wants to make the best possible impression during a job interview, especially if competition for the position is fierce. So what are interviewers really looking for? Here are a few qualities to keep in mind during any interview you attend, no matter what type of job you are applying for.


When you are trying to find a job in Stockport for instance and you attend an interview, one of the most important things to remember is to be confident. Confidence is a quality admired by all interviewers, and it demonstrates that you will be comfortable in a new setting. Coming across as nervous and constantly on-edge will not make a good impression, so smile nicely, give a firm handshake and maintain eye contact to boost your chances.

Good Communication Skills

All interviewers look for good communicators when choosing new employees, and the reason for this is that nearly every job will involve at least some level of communication. In your interview, make sure that you speak clearly, slowly and professionally, and that you get your point across and answer questions without mumbling.

Part of good communication comes down to being confident, and nerves can certainly get in the way. For this reason, make sure you practice your interview technique with friends and family members to get used to the sound of your voice. Consider filming yourself speaking as well, as this can make you aware of areas where you can improve.

A Team Player

Nearly every job will involve working with other people, which could include other employees and customers. As such, being able to work comfortably in a team is one of the skills that interviewers will be looking for.

It is difficult to show that you can work well in a team, although being confident and communicating well will certainly help. However, rather than simply stating that you work well in a team, provide examples of your team-working abilities. Highlight situations in your previous job where you worked with other people well to show that it is one of your strong points. This is something that you should prepare before your interview so you don’t have to think up a good example on the spot.

Good Organisation Skills

This is another thing that is quite hard to demonstrate in an interview, but it is still an important quality for interviewers. The best way that you can show that you have good organisation skills is to turn up on time to the interview, preferably between five and 10 minutes early. However, you can also try to mention situations where you were responsible for managing a project or organising large amounts of information.

Last of All: Be Yourself

Nerves can sometimes get to you in an interview, but the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Take all of the above information into account, but remember that it is very easy for interviews to spot fakers so be truthful whilst keeping the above qualities in mind.

The most important thing of all, however, is to practice. If you can get professional advice on your interview technique, that’s even better. But even practicing by yourself in the mirror or with family members will help you to prepare for your interview. So practice as much as possible beforehand and don’t go into the interview unprepared or you could seriously damage your chances.

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