Why You Are the Best Resume Tool

by A Guest Author

Writing a good resume, cover letter and using the internet to network are all vital steps in the job hunting process. But the most important cog in the job hunting wheel is you. You could write the most compelling resume and have a vast amount of work experience however if you fail to impress during a job interview or don’t put any effort into finding new vacancies, your job search will ultimately fail.

As well as exploring resume tools like templates, resume samples, online social sites and job sites, candidates need to use themselves to promote their resume and skill set.

Being proactive is the key to any job search. Spending hours on the internet searching for vacancies, using resume tools to find out about opportunities and promote your resume and checking local vacancies regularly will all help to boost a job search. But if you aren’t proactive and wait for opportunities to come along you could hinder your chances of finding employment.

Similarly, being proactive during a networking event is vital if you want to get your resume noticed. A quick Google search will show a host of local networking events happening in your area. Preparing your resume and printing out copies is vital before you attend. But ultimately during a networking event, you are the thing that can make the biggest impact – not your resume. If you dress casually, don’t approach companies, don’t make an effort to talk to anyone and don’t prepare then you are unlikely to find new opportunities or even make an impression. So to maximize your time ensure you dress as if you are attending a job interview, prepare by finding out who is attending and prepare some questions, interact with people across the room and hand out copies of your resume. By doing all of this you are more likely to find out about potential opportunities and you will successfully build a professional network.

During a job interview you are also the most powerful tool when it comes to selling your experience. You could spend time looking at resume samples beforehand and compile a professional and comprehensive resume, but if you fail to impress the employer you probably won’t be offered the position. To maximize your chances of success, first look at how to dress for a job interview. Research the company and find out what their dress code is to ensure you get this right. If it’s a creative job it could be casual bold colors but if it’s an office job you might prefer to wear a shirt and tie. Getting this right will help you to give off the right impression and avoid embarrassment! Preparing interview questions is crucial too because it will demonstrate that you have done your homework and that you are really interested in their brand. As well as asking some questions, answering questions well can really make or break an interview. Practice interviewing with a friend, answer questions and make notes. This will help to increase your chances of job interview success and will boost your confidence.

Although spending time creating good resume content and using all of the available resume tools out there (like resume samples, templates and networking) is crucial, none of this will be of benefit if you don’t concentrate on your best tool; you. Spending time on your job interview outfit, being proactive during your job search and making the most of networking events may sound obvious but they are important steps to impressing an employer and making an impact whilst looking for a job.

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