The Decade of Decisions: A Little Help in Making the Right Ones

by A Guest Author

The pace of life picks up pretty quickly following your high school graduation. Regardless of your specific situation, you will most likely find more freedom, more responsibility and more opportunity than ever before in your life. For this reason many refer to the college years (and those immediately following) as the “decade of decisions.”

The choices you make during this time—picking a school, picking a major, finding a job, getting married, having kids, etc.—will largely determine the rest of your life. That’s a lot to think about at a young age so it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Juggling priorities, managing time and handling all of the little details that build up to those larger decisions can be difficult and confusing. It is normal to feel like you could use some help. Perhaps a life coach is exactly the help you need.

You might be hesitant to seek the help of a life coach because this time is typically a financially challenging one. The truth, however, is that life coaching can be found at a price that is certainly affordable, even for the “poor college student.” Plus, when you consider the benefits, it’s possible that you can’t afford not to seek this type of help. Especially since there are life coaches available in all places these days with a life coach in Dallas, Denver, New York, etc.

It is no secret that getting where you want to be is much more likely if you will set goals and work towards them. Goal setting is fairly common knowledge but goal achieving seems to be much more rare. A life coach can help you set effective goals and help you achieve them. It is important to have a good external motivator so that you don’t feel alone when difficulty arises. A life coach will be just as committed to your goals as you are. It is their job to be.

In addition to providing good external motivation, including a life coach on your goal setting/pursuing process adds an element of accountability. Your goals will not be a secret anymore so you will be forced to answer for your failure to achieve them. It is also important that you have someone there to help you adjust your short-term goals if you fail to reach them. Someone once said that if you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying. In those situations, a life coach can help you re-evaluate your goals and provide encouragement to get you back on track.

A life coach is only in their position because they have experience with the activities and situations you are going through. They will enable you to avoid many of the common pitfalls and keep you on the path you have decided to pursue. They will provide encouragement and be there to answer questions in those times you feel confused or overwhelmed. While it is ultimately up to you to make the most of your “decade of decisions,” a life coach can be an invaluable resource to help ensure you are making the right decisions for you.

This post was written by A Guest Author

This post was written by a guest author. If you have high quality, useful information to share with students, send us an email or click Write For Us to learn more. And in case you're wondering - yes, you can promote yourself in this fancy author byline.

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