The Top 5 Android Apps for Teaching and Education

by Hope Powell

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Tablets and smartphones are being used now in the classroom more than ever before. If you work in the teaching or education field, there are many apps designed specially for you to use at your job. Listed below are five of the top Android applications from the teaching and education categories.

1. Teacher Aid Pro

Teacher Aid Pro has a five star rating for a reason. With Teacher Aid Pro, teachers and professors can keep track of all of their students in just one application. This app lets you set up as many classes as you need to and you can add up to 90 students in each class. You can import and export your class data to the app with CSV files, making it extremely time efficient and easy to use. This app can send messages to tardy and late students, and notify them of missed assignments with just one click. Teacher Aid Pro also records grades with weighting and scaling options, sends bulk email and text messages, and has a random student generator tool. The price of $5.99 is a great bargain for this app, which was voted best teaching app of 2011 in the Best App Ever Awards.

2. TED

Due to Sony's generous support of TED, the app is available for free download in the Android Marketplace. TED is an app composed of audio and video files from some of the most interesting and intelligent people in the world. The app has speeches and talks from geniuses, billionaires, radicals, and all sorts of people who are considered legends in their field. Having TED on your phone is like having a collection of the world's greatest minds in your pocket. TED updates every week with new audio and video content featuring a wide range of topics.

3. 50 Languages

The app 50 Languages has been downloaded millions of times and still has a nearly perfect five star rating. This app uses a variety of lessons and teaching techniques to teach its users up to 50 different languages. It is capable of teaching languages to people all around the world, having more than 1600 different language to language combinations. People who are serious about learning a language may need to spend $10 to purchase the entire selection of lessons that 50 Languages has for sale because the free app only comes with 30 lessons.

4. A+ Easy Grader

A+ Easy Grader is an extremely useful grading application for teachers and professors who like to analyze test results. Many grading Android apps are nothing more than calculators, but A+ Easy Grader is one of the exceptions. It lists how many students got each letter grade on a test, the percentage of students that got each individual question right, and the number of students that chose each answer for every question. Teachers can easily determine what material their students are struggling with on this app and save the data to use as a comparison tool with other classes. A+ Easy Grader can be downloaded for just $.99 in the Android Marketplace.

5. yasp! Class Schedule

The app yasp! Class Schedule is a free app made for students who have a busy schedule to keep track of. The app is designed to look just like class schedules that students are used to seeing, making it much easier for students to use than the calendars that come installed on their phones. The app shows your class schedule for the current week with everything else that you may have added during that week. You swipe vertically to scroll through all of the hours in a day and swipe horizontally to go back and forth between weeks.

This post was written by Hope Powell

Hope Powell is a school district administrator and guest author at, where she contributed a guide to getting an education administration degree.

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