Three Great Career Choices For A Criminal Justice College Degree

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What is criminal justice administration? The answer to this common question can only be understood by looking at the numerous ways in which officials uphold the law. In general, the field of criminal justice administration includes any position that works to punish criminals and prevent illegal activities. People who are working in criminal justice focus on traditional crime as well as social policies, immigration laws and the prevention of terrorism. While there are numerous positions available within the field of criminal justice administration, you'll need to earn a degree first.

What is a Criminal Justice Administration Degree?
For most positions within the field of criminal justice administration, you'll need an undergraduate degree. Some advanced positions in the field may also require graduate work. If you have an idea of the type of job you'd like to have, you can begin planning your educational course now. Many criminal justice administration majors take classes like sociology, statistics, criminal investigation, police community relations and elementary criminal law. Upper-level courses might include cultural perspectives, legal aspects, corrections and offender treatment.

People often choose criminal justice administration degrees because they want to contribute to their communities. Officials in these positions work to deter crime, rehabilitate offenders and uphold the law. Criminal justice administration is an extremely rewarding field, and graduates often go on to have careers as police officers, community relations advocates, military officers, social workers, special agents and detectives. This guide will give you a brief introduction to some of the most popular fields for criminal justice administration graduates.

Police Officer
Police officers are respected throughout their communities because they work hard each day to protect and serve people. In general, police officers are responsible for keeping order and preventing and detecting crime. Many police officers work in specialized fields like child protection or drug trafficking. Police officers respond to emergencies and serve to help citizens in need. If you're interested in protecting the law and serving your community, a position as a police officer could be right for you.

Whether they work alone or as part of a police agency, detectives are responsible for investigating and solving crimes. Their work can involve interviewing subjects, looking through records and reviewing historic cases. Though some detectives begin their jobs immediately after college, many detectives work as police officers first. Detectives play an important role in solving crimes and bringing justice to communities.

Military Officer
Military officers are the individuals who hold positions of authority within branches of armed forces and other uniformed services. Life in the military is notoriously demanding, and you'll need immense discipline and dedication to succeed as a military officer. Many people work to become military officers so that they can contribute to important missions, advance in their respective branches and protect civilian life.

Regardless of the path you take, a four-year college degree is an extremely valuable asset that will serve you for the rest of your life. Your criminal justice administration degree can set you on a positive career path with opportunities for promotions, advancement and rewarding career experiences. Whether you choose to be a police officer, detective or a military officer, you'll enjoy a rich career in an exciting, fast-paced and meaningful job. Graduates with criminal justice administration degrees truly have the opportunity to make a difference in our world.

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