Three Ways to Earn Money for Community College Textbooks

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Anyone who has ever been to college can attest to the fact that purchasing textbooks is an easy way to spend hundreds of dollars before ever stepping foot into a classroom. In addition to living expenses and tuition, textbooks can end up costing students a hefty, often unplanned, amount of money. Some people are lucky enough to receive grants and scholarships, but even this money may sometimes not be enough to cover classes and textbooks. Working a fulltime job can help alleviate textbook expenses, but that can be a difficult schedule to maintain while attending classes, too. Luckily, there are three easy ways for students to make quick cash in their spare time that can assist with textbook costs.

Quick Cash for Your Car

The title loan business is one of the most lucrative credit-supplying industries in the United States. If you happen to attend a community college in Georgia, for example, there are several title loans Atlanta based businesses that are happy to supply students with quick cash for books or any other college expense. These loan companies will lend money to people who own their own car and are willing to offer the title as collateral. Title lenders require a minimal monthly payment to keep the loan up to date, so making monthly payments on a student budget is completely affordable.

Most car title loans Atlanta area companies only need your identification and the title to your car, and then they can lend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to a student in need of quick cash for textbooks. In fact, the lending experts at TitleMasters affirm that, depending on the value of your vehicle, you may be eligible to borrow up to $5,000 on the spot. And, best of all with this type of loan, you will still be able to drive your car to your classes every day, while using the loan for your books and other college expenses.

Donating Blood and Other Bodily Fluids

Many college students are met with the harsh realization that blood banks do not regularly offer payment for donations. Blood donations are usually expected to be done out of the goodness of your heart, and for a worthy cause. Luckily, there are other vital fluids a student can donate to receive cash.

Plasma donation is a quick and easy method of making extra money. Dependent on the plasma center, a student donor can make more than three hundred dollars a month simply by sitting down for a couple of hours and letting a qualified medical professional extract plasma from your blood. Most donation centers have televisions that continuously play movies during the process, but you also have the option to play electronic games, listen to music on your iPhone/iPod, or even study for an upcoming exam.

Both male and female college students can also make money donating eggs or sperm to fertility clinics. The requirements for these types of donors differ by location and circumstances, so depending on where you attend college, you may be able to find paid studies in which to participate.

Scrap for Cash

As a student, have you ever wondered why people put ads in newspapers advertising that they will pick up non-working appliances for free? The truth behind this is simple: you can make money! Washers, dryers, lawnmowers and other appliances are worth a decent amount of money in scrap metal, or when sold for parts. Even copper wiring, aluminum doors and brass piping can bring in a pretty penny at a scrap yard. Because copper will bring in much more money than aluminum, you will want to separate all your metal before taking it to a scrap yard for the biggest return on your items.

Working toward your college degree is expensive, regardless of whether you attend a private university or a local, community college. Between living expenses, tuition and textbooks, you can go broke trying to get a higher education. Thankfully, there are quick ways for community college students to make extra money for textbooks without sacrificing their grades. These three methods are quick, relatively simple, and therefore will take little time away from studying for that upcoming exam.

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Karla M. Somers, a graduate of community college and a private university, is an avid blogger who frequently writes about ways to earn and save money. She is a contributing author for the Atlanta area lenders at TitleMasters, a company that specializes in lending money to college students and other people in need of supplementing their income with short-term loans.

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