Tips for Choosing the Right College Major

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When it comes to choosing your major in college, the importance of this decision can vary depending on the person. Many companies will hire anyone with a college degree and the major is really not important. The job usually does not require specialized knowledge of any one field and the employee can learn everything they need to know during the training process. If you are just content to get a good paying job in some corporation, what you choose to study may not be as important and you can just choose something that interests you.

On the other hand, some people are very certain of their career path and they know what types of fields they want to work in and what types of jobs interest them. What they choose to study will be very important but they already have an idea so no problems there.

Then there is the third group of people, who probably make up a majority of colleges students—the undecided. The type of people who may have not had a passion for one field of study, the people who did not know what they wanted to do since they were little—I think of my sister here who wanted to be a teacher since the first grade and who is working as one now. They want to figure out what they want to do in life and they want to pick the right major to get them started on the path. You may have a hard time picking something, but there are some tips to guide you through the process.

Take Classes in Different Subject Areas

A lot of your required graduation credits are in the realm of general education requirements ,electives, etc, which gives you the chance to take classes in different subject areas. Take advantage of this opportunity to sign up for introductory classes in different disciplines that interest you.

Consider Your Personality and Other Individual Factors

An important step in choosing the right major for you is the type of person you are as this is an important ingredient in how well you will gel with certain types of careers. A lot of people want a job where they are going to make a lot of money and this may lead people down a career path ill-suited for them. It may seem exciting to be a finance guru on Wall Street but if you do not handle pressure well, you could not imagine working 60 hours a week, or anything in the realm of business and numbers bores you, a finance-related major may not be your best bet.

I know money can be the driving force in deciding what you want to study ,especially when you are undecided; there is nothing wrong with wanting to be financially successful in your job but avoid making this the sole determinant of your major.

Research Career Options Thoroughly

When you look at certain majors, you may only be able to think of two or three common careers associated with them, but often times, a certain field of study can get you started on the path to wide range of career options. Research the different jobs available in the particular fields of study that interest you. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with all the jobs out there that you probably never even knew existed and it will guide you in picking the appropriate major. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics published the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which lists different careers, the required fields of study to enter them and other information like salary and job outlook.

Seek Assistance

This one sounds obvious but many college students do not utilize the plethora of resources available to them on campus. Career service centers offer great resources, such as personality and aptitude tests. Career counselors can offer guidance and ask the right questions that help you uncover what it is you want to study.

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