Tips for Transferring Into a Nursing Program

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There are two ways that students can go about completing their career in nursing. First, students can choose to enroll in a community college, complete the first part of the nursing program and transfer into a college degree -- and second, students can enroll in the college degree program from the beginning. With each method, there are benefits and drawbacks -- and questions to ask about the education.

Are you a nursing student considering a transfer from a community college or searching for a way to upgrade your education and income?

Here are five tips for nursing students transferring from a community college program into nursing school:

Consider the Costs

Consider the costs of the program. There are many finance options available to nursing school students including grants and scholarships, that don't have to be repaid -- unlike traditional student loans. To offset the costs of education, students can find part time employment when they're not in nursing classes.

Check Your Credentials

There are many types of nursing programs available to students and it's important to consider the classes that can be transferred to the nursing degree -- and choose the path that is going to allow you to complete the nursing degree fastest.

Check with the school, as different nursing schools have different regulations when it comes to students that are transferring in from community college programs. Use the previous education to determine the length of time before you're able to graduate as a registered nurse and determine if there are any prerequisites that must be completed before entering into nursing school.

Consider Part Time or Full Time Program Options

Most nursing schools offer a variety of educational choices for students. Students that have trained as a NA or an LPN may want to consider part time education as they strive to reach their goal of becoming a registered nurse. Part time education can allow the student to maintain their position, and their income, while they're in school.

Consider the part time and full time options that are available, as well as the delivery options. Some schools allow students to take courses online or through distance education, traveling into the classroom for laboratory work and examinations.

Have Education Records Available

To make the transition as smooth as possible and the application process easy, students should ensure that they have all of the required paperwork regarding their previous education and work experience before completing the application for nursing school.
Ensure that the records are complete, and schedule a meeting with a coordinator at the school to assist with any questions regarding the application process.

Get References

Nursing schools are quite competitive and in order to gain entry into the schools, students are often required to demonstrate educational excellence as part of their application. In addition to the educational records, nursing schools consider the work experience of students that are transferring into the program.

Getting letters of reference can help the student to get into the nursing school of their choice and can come from previous work placements, paid work experience or instructors from the nursing program at the community college.

Schedule a Meeting

Scheduling a meeting with the coordinator at the nursing school can help students to determine the right path. The coordinator will help the student to complete the application and determine whether there are any holes that need filling before the student is ready to apply.

During the meeting, the student can ask questions about the costs of the nursing program, the work experience that's available and the types of delivery options that are available -- helping to determine the right nursing school for the next step in the career.

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