Too Much Drinking at College

by A Guest Author

I am probably going to sound like one big wimp here. I have never been a big drinker, and back in my little home town, a night out with my mates would probably mean two or three beers only. I suppose I was only one or two behind them too. I love the taste of beer, but I am never comfortable with drinking beer.

I tend to  ”2baloon” after a couple of drinks, and then spend the rest of the night back and forth to the toilet. But it seems just to be beer that does that, I really do not know why. So because of this aspect of my body resisting beer I have only been drunk a couple of ties in my life. I hated it, and I do not think I will ever understand why people ever put themselves through such a disgusting feeling.

Now I have moved a few hundred miles to college I am in big trouble. Everybody drinks. Everybody drinks a lot. Everybody drinks to get really loud and stupid and a great deal of them carry huge hangovers the next day. No matter how many times they do it and feel bad, hey continue to do it again and again.

Last week in class about half of the attending students were ill from a heavy party night the night before. Looking around at the faces of people who just wanted to be in bed ill was amusing. Watching people trying to do essay editing, but failing was hilarious. I must admit the girl next to me was so ill that I decided to keep asking her questions all through class, just to be amused at her reactions.

I am sorry guys but being a sober type does give me an insight into the rest of you. I watch as you all drink the booze and try to use this as a tool to be sociable and to help grow friends. I watch as the evenings draw on and the voices and the behavior gets more silly and ridiculous. Far from being sociable, everyone upsets those trying to rest or sleep. The stupid laughter and screaming from the girls just sounds so pathetic.

I most probably sound so old to most of you guys. But a drink to me is something to enjoy, not something to change my personality. Not something to offend others. Not something to do as everyone else does it. I only want that occasional l drink to make me enjoy the taste. I doubt that most people have no memory of flavors when they drink. Come on guys slow down a bit.

My roommate is a guy who loves to drink. He never seems to get homework done, and apart from spending a fortune on booze he is also paying monies out to other students to do the said homework. He is even paying to have his essay editing done by outside companies. Come on guys you need grab hold of yourselves.

One last thing. I have to admit I am a little jealous of not being able to really join in with them. If my body did not so negatively react to beer I would probably be just the same.

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Simon James is really someone who would love to enjoy drinking more.

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