Too Much Smoke at College

by A Guest Author

It is week No. 2 at my brand new college. It has not been as frightening as I first imagined it might have been but it is noisy and very colorful. It is full of amazing and interesting people and making friends is just so easy. The lack of many adults is strange to me, as we are all in this place that just gives off the impression of a younger fun loving world.

Back in my home town all the guys of my age were not really much into smoking. To be very honest most of the smokers were more my granddads generation as he still sits on the porch with his friends smoking and talking all day. My parents do not smoke, but I know they both did when they were younger.

The point being is that I really was not surrounded by smokers over the last few years of my life. I never actually liked the smell of cigarettes either, so for me the clean air I was having was wonderful and I really did take that for granted.

Not so now. As I mentioned this week two and I have a sore throat and an aggravating cough. I seem to be always rubbing my eyes and feeling a little bit under the weather. I know what it is. It is the nonstop smoking going on in this place. The NO SMOKING signs might as well be in Arabic as nobody seems to take any notice of them. People are smoking in the corridors and hanging out of windows and thinking that the smoke will not travel back in. Of course it does along with the digesting smell that smokers never think exists. The smokers also think that the toilets are smoking haunts.

Everywhere I go, despite the rules against smoking, the smokers are everywhere polluting the whole place. I even see some of the teachers doing the same so there really is no hope at all of enforcing the laws on campus. Even in my room I cannot get away from the evil smoke pollution. I share a room with a guy who cannot live without smoke coming out of his mouth and nose.

The room is small and despite it NOT being allowed to smoke in the room he still does. I have asked him every time NOT to smoke, but such is his obsession with the cigarette that he chooses to ignore me or take my occasional temper on the subject. I really cannot hack this situation.

Even trying to do something simple like homework or essay editing is inhibited by my eyes being attacked by smoke. By my lungs having to cough. By my nose feeling it is being forced to inhale a stinky substance continuously. Why do smokers not understand just how disgusting and selfish their habits are?

Even when I find a few minutes without someone smoking over me I still cannot escape the smell. My clothes now smell like I am a seasoned smoker. I cannot even eat in my room, as the taste of tar on the back of my throat is making the joy of food disappear quickly. I have given my roommate two weeks to stop or find somewhere else. If he does not do either I will have to report him and become Mr. Unpopular. Strange that this will upset him, but he has no worry about being Mr. Unpopular to me with his smoking.

Come on guys have a little respect for other people. My parents will think I smoke when I return home for a visit, because of all this smoke getting into my hair and skin. Some of my recent work I hand in even smell so smoke which on closer inspection even had ash on it too!

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John Harris is still suffering from smokers exhaust fumes. But he has a new roommate who does not smoke. John also has started to use essay editing services to catch up on his backlog of work.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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Terrell October 26, 2012 at 6:08 am

You are sheer genius.


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