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Business schools are known for primarily offering Master’s of Business Administration and other related master’s degrees. Many business schools also offer supplemental executive education programs. The below list of the top 10 business schools was populated based on the surveyed post-MBA salaries of alumni, years taken to pay back tuition and job offers extended after graduation.

The Cream of the Crop

These business schools have a proven track record of producing graduates that go on to successful careers in business. This illustrates that the degrees they offer impart practical skills and actionable training.

  1. International Institute for Management Development (IMD) – This Switzerland based management school offers MBA and EMBA degrees both online and in traditional settings. From 2008-2012, IMD has ranked No.1 in the world by Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist for MBA programs and executive education. According to Business Week, 96 percent of graduates received job offers after completing their program. The average salary for an IMD MBA graduate is $125,000.
  2. Stanford University Graduate School of Business – This world famous school offers many masters’ programs, and is particularly renowned for its MBA program. Forbes reports the post-MBA salary of graduates is $205,000. 2006 alumni averaged 3.5 years to fully pay off their tuition. This highly selective school only accepts 7 percent of applicants. According to US News, 75.6 percent of graduates found gainful employment.
  3. Harvard – This Boston, MA business school offers a plethora of business related degrees. Graduates of their MBA program have earned an estimated $230,000, based on a Forbes survey. The majority of graduates paid off their tuition within 3.6 years. According to a US News survey, 83.2 percent of graduates received job offers after graduation.
  4. Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business – Located in Hanover, NH, Dartmouth offers a multitude of business related programs ranging from economics to human resources.  About 82.8 percent of graduates from Dartmouth found gainful full-time employment, according to US News. Dartmouth boasts an intimate campus that immerses students in their chosen field of study. Forbes found that it took most students 3.6 years to pay off their tuition. The average post-MBA salary for a Dartmouth graduate is $200,000, based on Forbes’ findings.
  5. IE Business School – Based out of Madrid, Spain, IE Business School offers MBA programs that are accredited by AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, and EFMD. Graduates of IE earn an average salary of $101,000, based on a report by Business Week. They received an A+ ranking in teaching, career service, analytical skills and general management skills. It was the only business school on Business Week’s report to receive a perfect raking in these areas.
  6. University of Pennsylvania – Based in Philadelphia, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania reports an average salary of $225,000 among graduates from the MBA program. Many students pursue joint degrees in conjunction with Penn Law School, allowing them to pursue a broader range of career options. US News reports 82.1 percent of graduates found full-time employment. Forbes reports tuition was paid back in 3.7 years, on average.
  7. Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology – The business branch of MIT offers many business related programs. Roughly 80.8 percent of graduates from this esteemed business school received job offers, based on US News’ findings. Sloan is known for taking an international approach to education, producing graduates with a wide perspective on business. Forbes found that Sloan MBA graduates received an average salary of $200,000 and took an average of 3.7 years to pay off their tuition.
  8. INSEAD – This private French business school offers MBA programs that are fully accredited by AACSB, EFMD, EQUIS, and AMBA. INSEAD is also known for offering a Master’s of Finance degree. Graduates from INSEAD earn an average salary of $112,000, based on Business Week’s survey of former graduates. Upon completing their master’s degree, 86 percent of graduates were extended job offers.
  9. London Business School – The business branch of the University of London is a public university accredited by all MBA accreditation institutions. According to Bloomberg, it is one of the more selective business schools, only accepting 18 percent of applicants. Bloomberg further reports that LBS is known for providing an up close and personal look into the world of business and providing excellent hands-on training.
  10. Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University – Based in New York, NY, this business school offers majors for all facets of the business world. Students who opt to enroll in an MBA program also specialize in three areas: luxury marketing, models and decisions and data analysis. US News found that 80.7 percent of graduates gained full time employment and Forbes reported that the post-MBA salary of stern graduates was $160,000. Tuition was paid back within 3.7 years on average.

World Renowned Options

The schools on this offer programs that have proven to prepare graduates for the business world and build their knowledge of business development strategy success. Attending any of the above institutions is a great decision for the business-minded student wishing to expand their educational options.

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Wes Kensington is a contributing writer who has successfully built and sold many companies after receiving his MBA. As a budding venture capitalist, he encourages others to invest in their education.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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