Top 10 Tips For Dressing For An Interview

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Tough Times

With the difficult economic conditions at the moment, there is a higher premium than ever before on making a strong impression at a job interview. There are many outfit ideas that you could adopt for each interview, however it is often best to play safe and go for the formal option, unless you have been specifically told to dress casually.

What are the best outfit ideas and top etiquette tips that will help you land your dream job?

The Top 10

  1. Make sure your suit fits – if you cannot dress yourself well then a business is not going to trust you with its finances. Get a tailored suit specifically for job interviews if you have to.
  2. Ensure you have the suit pressed or dry cleaned prior to an interview, if it is your usual suit then this is especially important.
  3. Unbutton your jacket when you sit down, there is nothing worse than a suit reaching out into all directions, so make sure you unbutton or even take the jacket off.
  4. Make sure your shirt is long enough so if you lean over, it does not untuck. Going for function rather than style in your outfit ideas is the key to making a great impression during a job interview.
  5. Avoid loud and bright colours, or “power dressing,” you can save those outfit ideas for when you have the job and are making important boardroom presentations.
  6. Same rules for the tie, go for a block colour or simple pattern, and stick to red or blue shades.
  7. Solid lace up shoes will finish off your outfit well, Oxfords are always a safe choice however there are great options available in many stores.
  8. The only jewellery on show should be a wedding ring and a watch. Nothing else is necessary, you are here for business, not to “bling it up.”
  9. Plan your grooming schedule far in advance. Get your hair cut the week or two before so it has grown back a little into a more natural look, well groomed stubble is acceptable however clean shaven is probably best.
  10. Arrive and leave the interview with a firm handshake, to show you mean business.

How you dress and look will not hands down get you the job, but if you do not take the required time it will sure see you lose the opportunity. Look professional and serious at all times and create the best first impression you possibly can.

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This post was written by A Guest

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