Top 10 Universities To Community College Transfer Into

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Becoming a top community college transfer student can give you some options. Lets look at the top universities in the USA for 2012 and where you can transfer from community college to. Perhaps, you'll be the next transfer student from community college to Harvard, Yale or UPENN! Either way, going to community college and succeeding will grant you many paths to opportunities like transferring to a university like NYU or USC. The options are widespread to transfer from community college successfully.

The Top 10 USA Universities of 2012

U.S. News and World Report has again announced its rankings of the top colleges and universities in the United States. One such ranking is that of national universities, or those that offer students the full range of degree options from undergraduate to doctoral levels. These upper crust schools also work toward completing cutting edge research in almost every field. If you are looking for the best of the best for your college education, here are your top 10 choices:

The Fabulous Top Four:

1. (tie) Harvard University – Harvard is a paradise for knowledge seekers and has the oldest library collection in the country as well as the largest private collection on the planet. This Ivy League legend offers students a fully-rounded educational experience that is unequalled. This is no surprise, considering that Harvard is the world’s largest receiver of financial endowments.

1. (tie) Princeton University – Tying for first place, Princeton offers a slightly lower tuition rate and a higher rate of acceptance (9% as compared to Harvard’s 7%). On Princeton’s gorgeous 600-acre campus, students get the best of liberal arts studies combined with major research as well as a great variety of activities, including sports. In fact, Princeton played against Rutgers in the first intercollegiate football game in 1869.

1. Yale University – Home to many secret societies, including the Skull and Bone society, Yale has produced many famous grads. Some of these are George W. Bush, John Kerry, Meryl Streep, and Bob Woodward.

1. Columbia University – Originally started as a training school for clergy members and civic leaders, Columbia offers a different experience for students who attend its Manhattan campus. The campus consists of an eclectic collection of buildings that range from the traditional to magnificent brownstones.

A Five-Way Tie and #10

5. (tie) California Institute of Technology – Cal Tech focuses on engineering and science and provides such a great campus experience that 80% of all students choose to stay in their campus residences for the duration of their program, even though it is only required for freshmen.

5. (tie) Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT is another science and engineering college that receives funding from many government agencies, including the Department of Defense. The campus offers many fun traditions as well as housing in “the Sponge”, possibly the coolest dorm in the United States.

5. (tie) Stanford University – Stanford has a 95% success rate with producing graduates from its multitude of undergraduate and graduate programs. The school is renowned for research and offers a rich student experience in which 10% of students belong to Greek organizations.

5. (tie) University of Chicago – This great university offers a high quality education that encourages debate and open thought. TWhile the tuition is slightly higher than even that of Harvard, the school also has a higher acceptance rate of 19%.

5. (tie) University of Pennsylvania – Founded by Ben Franklin, this university stays true to his ideals and beliefs. Students at this university are encouraged to participate in community service at both the local and global levels.

10. Duke University – Duke has an acceptance rate of 16%, the second highest rate of the top 10 universities. Located in North Carolina, Duke offers a true southern experience for those seeking a high quality education.


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