Top 5 College Movies For Community College Students

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Although most community college students are dedicated to attending class, doing homework, and fully committing to do whatever it takes to attain their associate's degree and community college transfer to their 4-year college or university of choice, there are times when the grind can get a little tough.

That's when it's probably a good time to take a break and watch one of the top 5 college movies of all time.

And if you don't agree, leave your favorite college movie in the comments below!

So if you're looking for some entertainment that riffs on the college experience, you might kick back and relax between marathon study sessions with one of these movies about a campus like yours (only with more drama and a lot more pranks).

The Best Movies About College for Community College Students

Legally Blonde - Top College Movie1. Real Genius (1985).

Before he was Iceman to Tom Cruise's flyboy Maverick, Val Kilmer played underage genius Chris Knight, a merry prankster at a school full of other underage geniuses. With classes that revolve around developing lasers and a ghostly former student named Lazlo that lives in the closet, this school is like none you've ever attended. But even nerdy eggheads can make friends, fall in love, and fight the man. Notable scene: car disassembled and then reassembled in a dorm room.

2. St. Elmo's Fire (1985).

Remember when Rob Lowe was hot? Okay, let's face it: he's still a fox. But his youthful countenance and rebelliously-shaggy hair were put to excellent use in this flick about the perils of leaving home and taking responsibility for your own life. Some people move in together before they're ready, some pine for their best friend's girl, some get caught up in credit card debt, some become republicans, and others just don't know what the heck to do with their lives. If you want a cautionary tale of what not to do, this film delivers in spades. But hey, at least the characters all stay friends. Notable scene: Kirby (Emilio Estevez) follows his dream girl (Andie MacDowell) to a cabin to profess his love, gets stuck there in a snow storm with her...and her boyfriend.

3. Pitch Perfect (2012).

Although this movie about a college freshman (Anna Kendrick) who joins the a cappella group on campus (seemingly against her will) is not yet in theaters, it seems to fall into the same category of lovable fluff as guilty-pleasure flicks like Bring It On. Only it has a character named Fat Amy, a group of boys that loves to sing just as much as the girls (apparently all straight), and a bunch of white girls singing Blackstreet's 'No Diggity'. These girls got game by the pound. Okay, so it's not exactly an accurate representation of college life, but it could be a fun way to blow off steam with your friends that will have you singing all the way home. Notable scene: Riff-off.

4. Legally Blonde (2001).

So many college students can relate to the hardships of being a blonde, beautiful, and wealthy coed. Okay, not so much. But this pleasant romp about a grad who works her butt off not at the gym, but in pursuit of a law degree (initially to nab the Harry Winston that her boyfriend is intent on giving to a "serious" girl), is fun, funny, and ultimately entertaining. Plus, you'll get pearls of wisdom like, "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed," and, "Exercise give you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy." Notable scene: Elle (Reese Witherspoon) uses her "Cosmo girl" smarts as the cornerstone of her courtroom defense.

5. Animal House (1978).

This oldie is still a goodie for college students seeking a fun take on the higher education experience. And it doesn't take bay area media duplication services to get your hands on a copy (thanks to its release on Blu-ray last year). The quintessential college flick about students rebelling with both disastrous and hilarious results will have first-time viewers rolling and fans of the flick quoting lines. Notable scene: horse in the dean's office. Looking for an updated version? Check out the 2002 rip-off Van Wilder. Notable scene: Pastries. 'Nuff said.

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