Top 5 Service Projects in Honduras

by A Guest Author

Although Honduras is a well-known vacation spot and offers many exciting adventures and activities to tourists, the local people in Honduras still suffer from malnourishment, poor care for orphaned children, and suffer from poverty and neglect. People around the world have come together to help Honduras and give aid to the citizens of Honduras to improve the quality of life for natives. Lizzette Kattan, a Honduras native, and hundreds of other people have created air organizations that will help Honduras move into the current century.

Currently, several organizations and projects are in place to help improve Honduras, but there are five service projects in Honduras that stand out from the others. These five projects have consistently worked to improve Honduras and the community around them.

Central American Relief Efforts

The Central American Relief Efforts is an organization designed to provide general aide to Honduras and provides a variety of support methods. The goal of the organization is to provide Honduras with the tools and equipment they need to move into a modernized society. Central American Relief Efforts encourage the donation of items from the United States and other parts of Central America to Honduras. They also work with other non-profit organizations to provide the help and services that Honduras can use to improve their standard of care. Central American Relief Efforts also works with young people and missionaries in Honduras, providing spiritual support as well as physical support.

Sierra Service Project

The Sierra Service Project focuses on building up Honduras and creating modern communities that improve the standard of life for Honduras natives. The Sierra Service Project corrals volunteers to help construct houses, neighborhoods, and communities for different cities in Honduras. The Sierra Service Project is an interdenominational Christian organization that hopes to build bridges between communities by creating structures that will last for years to come. The Sierra Service Project offers summer programs, winter programs, and other temporary programs for young people to visit Honduras and provide support for the project.

Project Honduras

Project Honduras is a Christian missionary organization who’s goal is to improve the quality of life for Honduras residents, starting with the children and spreading to the adults. Missionaries with Project Honduras provide communities with education, health care, spiritual guidance, community, church-building, and money-making projects to help them improve their quality of life and help break the cycle of poverty that many Honduras residents have.

Georgetown Public Policy Institute – Project Honduras

The Georgetown Public Policy Institute started Project Honduras with the goal of providing Georgetown students with the opportunity to see and work in an impoverished area of the world. Students live and work in the area alongside native residents, using the skills they have learned at school to create a better life for Honduras residents. Students provide immediate care to the Honduras residents, with projects such as building bathrooms, donating computers, implementing water treatment, and many other practical projects that help Honduras natives live a better life.

Majken Broby Children’s Home

The Majken Broby Children’s Home is a home for orphaned children in Honduras. Due to the malnourishment and poverty so prevalent in Honduras, many children become orphans early in life. The Majken Broby Children’s Home provides a place for these children to grow and thrive, and satisfy the needs of the children’s body and soul with schooling, housing, proper nutrition, and religious classes that help develop the spiritual side of the children. Lizzette Kattan herself believes in this project and has donated funds and time to expanding the complex and making room for additional children at the center.

These five projects have helped improve the quality of life for many Honduras natives, but it is not nearly enough. Many other organizations and projects are necessary to help Honduras move into the 21st century like many other countries around the world. With the help of many, the people of Honduras will no longer have to live in a sub-standard environment and can experience the health and material possessions they deserve in life.


This is a guest post by Andras Deak, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time travel advisor. He currently works for Timeless Travel, a UK based online travel store specialized on package holidays all over in the US and Canada. Andras reads a lot about great people doing a lot of charity, as he believes philanthropy unites different cultures and a wide range of people. His latest research was made on the interesting story of Lizette Kattan.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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