Top 5 Songs About School

by Ruby Walton

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Ever since the idea of school began, songs have been sung about it; students, teachers, and people in general have had a blast throughout history singing about school. While not all of these songs are positive toward the idea of school, they are certainly enjoyable. Below are the top five songs about school; don't miss out on the joy of these creative and unique songs, take a listen!

1) ABC - Jackson 5:

One of the most popular songs about school ever, "ABC" by the Jackson 5 was first aired in February of 1970. Since then, the song has remained popular and the catchy lyrics, "ABC, as easy as one, two, three" are some of the most well known lyrics about school.

2) School's Out - Alice Cooper:

With the lyrics, "School's out for summer, school's out forever, school's blown to pieces," it's hard to not know why this song is so popular among anyone who's ever had a bad day or year at school. In addition, Alice Cooper's rock version of the song is fairly hip and can be enjoyed by many different generations. It doesn't matter if an individual has graduated for college or is struggling through middle school, "School's Out" by Alice Cooper has a special place in the heart of anyone who's ever hated school.

3) Me and Julio Down by The Schoolyard - Paul Simon:

Although it's yet another older song, "Me and Julio Down by The Schoolyard" eloquently describes the joy of returning to school and seeing old friends. Not only that, Paul Simon describes the process of a school year; going back to school, meeting new friends, trying to pass tests, having crushes, and then ending the year to just start over the next. Fortunately for the institution of school, this upbeat songs manages to put a positive light on school.

4) Be True to Your School - The Beach Boys

If there was ever song that was going to leave you enthusiastic and motivated to showcase your school spirit, this song would do it. Although it was first aired in the 60s, "Be True to Your School" has the power to shed a positive light on school no matter what generation a student is from. Let's face it, although school was sometimes tough, it was fun to sometimes enjoy supporting your home team.

5) Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd:

With lyrics like, "Teacher, leave those kids alone" this Pink Floyd hit is one of the greatest songs about school, ever. Although it doesn't necessarily shed a positive light on school and teachers, it's certainly enjoyable for students of all ages to belt out after they've had a terrible day at school.

The evidence of the influence of school on people's emotions is evident through how many songs have been sung about school, both good and bad. While the above songs are five of the most popular songs about school, there are hundreds of other songs about school that express the raw pain, joy, and anxiety that school can bring students.

This post was written by Ruby Walton

Ruby Walton is a school administrator and guest author at Top Masters in Education, a site with informative reviews about online masters of education programs.

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