Top Interview Tips For a Job

by Yeal Jackson

To be effective in a job interview usually requires following a few simple tips. Good preparation for a job interview is the foundation of a successful outcome. Going into an interview well prepared will reduce the amount of stress associated with the process. It is true that an interview can be a grueling experience where the interviewee is often prodded and probed about what they know and how they would handle a given situation. In spite of having attended many an interview, each new interview has its share of stress. Let’s look at a few good tips for coming out ahead in the interview process.


At the top of the list would have to be preparation. By formulating your best idea of what questions will be asked in the interview and preparing appropriate responses you will likely come out ahead of the other applicants. This also means researching the company well enough to be able to answer questions relating to the company or the company history. In short, prepare responses to the questions you anticipate will be asked.

Another key tip in most any interview is to look the part, by having the right attire for a given interview. Your outfit should be well pressed and clean, as well as appropriate for the particular company you are interviewing with at that time. Equally important is to be prompt and to not appear rushed in any way as you enter the interview. By arriving early to the interview you allow yourself time to relax and gain composure.

Along the same lines as gaining composure is to not just be composed, but also to look composed and relaxed in the interview. Body language plays a big role in how you are perceived in the meeting. A key part of the body language factor of the interview is to maintain good eye contact with the person conducting the interview. Good eye contact also conveys a sense of confidence and positive self-image, which are equally important in gaining the trust of the interviewer.

Follow up

Finally, it is usually good protocol to offer some type of thank you call or note, letting the company know that you appreciated the interview opportunity. While there are certainly other things that one can do to maximize the interview process, these items mentioned here offer a great way to perform well on most any interview. Above all else being your self and smiling will work wonders in landing the dream job.

This post was written by Yeal Jackson

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mortin June 20, 2012 at 8:13 am

nice and informative blog that guides to plan career and job


Interview Tips June 22, 2012 at 8:25 am

The first time you answer a question isn’t always perfect, which is why you should practice to make your answers sound awesome.


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