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We all remember E.R. with George Clooney and the disappointment on their face when they heard that characteristic sound of their pagers. Well, a lot of years have passed since then and today’s Physicians are using some other gadgets to stay on track with their patients and science.

The market of Medical apps is still booming and there is a huge open space for new (and existing) developers to fill in the blanks and to offer something revolutionary, or at least different. This is the list of the major medical apps available for Windows mobile.

  1. Applications created by Epocrates are on the market for a number of years already and they like to say that they are still No1 among US Physicians. Their Windows Mobile suites are offered in 4 different options (basic one is free for download) and they cover everything from free drug reference to diagnostic tools and hundreds of diagnostic tests.
  2. Nursing Central-Besides doctors, nurses also need quality apps to stay in touch with science and latest drugs, disease and test information. Furthermore, Nursing Central application for Windows offers huge medical dictionary, study system, literature searching and much more.
  3. Care 360 is a great solution for 21st century Physicians.  Managing patients, prescribing medications and receiving lab results have never been so easy, and all this on-the-go.
  4. Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy-This application is based on the work of Dr. Frank H. Netter and it offers phenomenal set of medical illustrations (almost 550 drawings of the human body) and it represents great resource for all medical students.
  5. Anesthesia Central – If you are an anesthesiologist you should think about downloading this application written by leading authorities in the Departments of Anesthesiology (University of California). This is not a cheap solution which you will use for a few days and forget about it after you don’t find anything that will help you in your day-to-day anesthesiology. There is almost everything you may need-procedures, techniques, details on managing patients, over 5000 drugs explained, over 350 diagnostic tests…And beside this you are eligible for 12 months of free updates.
  6. Davis’s Drug guide for Mobile is featuring more than 5000 definitions (auto-update included) of generic and trade name drugs. With this app you won’t have a problem to offer premium cares to your patients.
  7. Family Drug Guide- This application is crafted for all of you who like to take care of your overall health and to stay in touch with drug guide (regularly updated). It offers analysis regarding drug costs, effectiveness and ratings.
  8. Taber’s Medical Dictionary- This all-in-one kind of package features more than just a dry medical word definition.  It comes equipped with audio pronunciations of over 30 thousand terms, over one thousand full color illustrations and cross-linking between different terms. Of course the basis of this Windows mobile app is the definition of 60,000 terms.
  9.  5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult is made by authority Physicians in the field of medical emergency for their colleagues.  It comes packed with over 600 medical conditions which you may encounter in the E.R. and it gives solutions for them in a fast-access form where you will need 5 minutes (as stated in the app title) to diagnose and to start treating injured patient.
  10. 5-Minute sports Medicine Consult-If your day-to-day job is solving sport-related medical problems and you are in need of resourceful application-search no more.  This is a fast guidance for both treating and diagnosing sport injuries. It is covering over 280 topics and it offers 5 minute guidance on how to help injured athlete.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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