Transfer from a Community College to an Ivy League University: Is It Possible?

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Is it possible to transfer from a community college to an Ivy League university? Plenty of people get lucky when they enter an Ivy League university straight from high school, but let’s not forget there are those who were not able to meet the high grades worthy of admission to an Ivy League school. Some students opt at starting college at a community college and work their way to transferring to anIvy League institution.

Ivy League universities consist of Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Columbia University, and Brown University. All of these schools possess academic excellence, and therefore have selective admissions. One pre-requisite for entering these universities is to have excellent grades in high school. But if you are one of those individuals with average school marks, then you won’t probably be accepted in an Ivy League institution.

However, don’t feel like you have missed your major dream because it is still possible to enter an academically excellent university the second time around. This is through entering a community college first before transferring to one of these excellent universities. So if you are entering a community college and plan to transfer to an Ivy League university in a year or two, the following recommendations will just make you enter your dream university sooner:

Attend a Challenging Course

Enrolling in a challenging course while you are still in a community college will help you build your resume and impress the admission officers.

Get Excellent Grades in your Community College

Your freshmen and sophomore years in a community college are very essential because these may earn you the grades that the Ivy League colleges are looking for. Strive at getting a near perfect grade in all your subjects because this will prove that you are already capable of entering college.

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Get Recommendation Letters from Your Professors

You may also need recommendation letters from your community college professors so work at being active during class participation. You can also talk to your teachers after class. Building a relationship early may help you request a recommendation letter before the Ivy League school application deadline.

Change Your Previous Application

When you have already decided to apply again, never use your old application and resume. The reason for entering community college is to build yourself academically-wise so there would be plenty of things that you can add to your application. Doing so may increase your chances of getting accepted to an Ivy League institution.

Visit Your Chosen University and Include it in Your Application

Showing the authorities of a particular Ivy League school that you are, indeed, very interested in joining them may just make your way to the prestigious college. You can mention your visits in your application, and you can also visit the department you wish to enrol so that you can learn a lot of things about the program and the school.

Prepare for Your Admission Test

If you didn’t get a fair grade in your previous test, this is the time to really prepare for it big time. Take review classes, and supplement your learning in your own study hours.

You may want to seriously reconsider retaking your SATs in community college to transfer to Ivy League universities.

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