Save $33,000 By Transferring To UF From Community College In 2 Years

by Chad Agrawal

transferring to ufHave you ever toyed with the idea of transferring to UF from community college? Many students have, but many others don't even realize it's possible. In this post, I'll be showing you exactly what to do and how transferring can save you thousands of dollars. So even if you ended up going to a community college in Florida because of your high school grades, you can still work your way up and get by the University of Florida admissions office.

The very first point you'll want to remember is that taking out student loans means you will have to pay them back. So why take out student loans when you could keep all that money and save yourself the hassle of paying off debt by transferring to UF from community college? Just take a second and think about all the things you could do with that money:

  • Buy a brand new car!
  • Go on a world tour cruise
  • Put a down payment on a house
  • Start a business

The opportunities are simply endless when years of work after graduation don't have to go directly to paying off your student loans! All of a sudden, the sunshine state will seem just that much sunnier for you.

University of Florida's Tuition vs. Community College

According to the University of Florida's website, the average tuition for a student living on or off campus is $20,580 per year. Check out the numbers below (taken from the website)...

University of Florida Tuition 2012-2013

If you compare these tuition rates with that of community colleges in Florida, you'll see a big difference. At just ~$109 per credit, community college will cost you under $3,000 per year. If you're going to community college for two years, you'll only have spent $6,000 instead of minimum $40,000 at UF! Do the math and see that you're saving close to $33,000!

But, I know what some of you are thinking...

What if you can't transfer to University of Florida from community college? Well, I'm here to address that concern and tell you that you can. In this next section, I'll explain how your goals are attainable and perhaps boost your confidence too. Let's keep going...

How to Transfer to UF from Community College

In order to transfer successfully, you need a plan of how to do it. Lucky for you, I have a proven plan that has helped students like yourself transfer to their dream school. Using this "Three Word Truth," students have been able to transfer to Upenn, NYU and even Cornell. Now, you can use it to get into UF!

The proven plan is my very own community college guide. It will lay out clearly how to become a top student at community college and what steps to take to be a successful transfer student. It includes the same action plan that I used to transfer from community college to my dream university. And if I can do it, I'm confident that you can too.

With the right steps, you'll have a plan that maximizes your chances of transferring to the University of Florida. Plus, you'll have a proven plan to save around $33,000 in tuition and student loans!

If that doesn't sound like a great plan, I don't know what does. Click the link to learn more about my community college guide and greatly increase your chances of transferring to UF from community college.

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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