Violence at College

by John Arlott

I have led a very sheltered life I feel. I was not raised in a large city; I was not in any form of gang. I was not violent, and have never seen any real violence ever. That is until I started at college, then I really began to hate my fellow college mates.

I am not going to mention the areas as I do not want to get to specific. But let’s just say I was brought up in a beautiful countryside environment, where all the neighbors knew each other and looked out for each other. There was just tranquility and love to everyone. No swearing or anything to disturb the bliss. I used to think that the TV crime shows exaggerated he way schools and colleges in the city were. I was probably wrong.

I had to move to the city for college, and of course a city can be a very lonely place for a country guy. Too much traffic and pollution, bad noise, people in a rush and dirt and smells everywhere. The people passing by would be sometimes very harsh looking, and to be very honest scary too.

College was a shock to my system. I had never met women who dress the way they did, or swore like they did, or behaved in the way they did. I was always expecting a teacher to put things right, but that never happened. I felt I was in a completely culture, that I had somehow been transported to the roughest African slum. But the behavior here was not based on lack of money, it was all based on dog eat dog and bad attitudes.

I did once fight at school when I was about elven. It was silly and over in a few minutes, and nobody got hurt. Here there are fights every day. The violence is appalling as there is no sign of show fight to make a point. It is pure fighting to inflict damage. People here think nothing of seeing people with bad bruises or people going to hospital. The teachers seem to take it in their stride too.

I am lucky enough to keep my head down and keep out of it. People know that I am out of my league here, so therefore tend to leave me alone as I suppose I offer no threat to the territory arguments or fighting over girls. Too have a physical fight over a girl is just ridiculous, but some of the girls seem to thrive on it. Pitiful.

I will be switching college soon. Not because of the foul language or the area or even the fighting. I will be switching college so I can make friends. The only friend I had here was more street wise than me, but he was able to mix easier with the others. He was great friend and we use to help each other with essay editing and math homework. One day he did not come to school. Annoying as that is I really did not think too much of it.

The next two weeks he did not come in either.

I actually asked a teacher who said that she was surprised I did not know but he died. He died in a knife fight. He died and no announcement was made, and nobody told me. Nobody cared enough to tell me that my friend I do essay editing with is dead. I am switching college next month.

This post was written by John Arlott

John Arlott has now switched college and is feeling much better about the world. But he still misses his friend.

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