Ways Your School Can Go Green

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Living your life in a “green” manner is becoming increasingly important. Now more than ever we need to be making the choice to be environmentally conscious with our actions in our everyday lives. One of the most effective ways to promote green living is to get children started at a young age, and one of the most effective ways to do this is at their school.

Many school make the choice to offer food trays, paper, and other supplies that are made of biodegradable or recycled materials. Promoting green living at your child’s school will teach them to begin making environmentally friendly decisions that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Going Green Campaign

Speak with your child’s administrators or the local board of education about beginning a green campaign district-wide. Explain to them that this will not only teach a valuable lesson to the students but will also save the schools a considerable amount of money.

Lunch Time—Green Time

One of the most effective places to promote green living is in the lunchroom. Speak with the school’s administrators and encourage them to offer environmentally friendly food trays as well as recycling bins. This will teach children to recycle and will save the school money by offering the recycled materials in the trays and plates the cafeteria uses.

Classroom Supplies and Practices

Another way the school can promote green is through the supplies they use in class. Instead of offering just any kind of paper, they can purchase paper that is made from recycled products. Also, every classroom should have recycling bins for the paper and the students should be encouraged to use them. Teachers should also encourage students to use both sides of their paper whether they are writing by hand or have to print something out on the computer. This will help the environment by reducing the amount of paper used every year and will also save money for the school as using both sides of the paper will cut their paper usage in half.

Other Green Practices

Ways2GoGreen.com explained other, useful ways that schools can go green.

-          Use electronics that are solar or water powered.

-          Recycle all printer ink cartridges.

-          Use non-toxic cleaning products in the school.

-          Don’t purchase individually wrapped snacks. Buy in bulk and put them in reusable containers.

-          Start a garden club.

With so many ways to promote green living starting at a young age we can raise a whole generation of children that will live with the environment in mind.

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