What Do You Focus On When Visiting a Potential Campus?

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Campus tours can be like investigating a crime scene. The witnesses that you interrogate may not be telling the complete story. Also, a lot of detective work can give you prospects on who you interview. It can be quite a complicated process. At the very least, you have to have a game plan when touring the school that you are considering.

What are the things to consider?

First, you should focus on the academics of the school. Do they teach the academic discipline you are interested in? Do they teach it well? How many professors do they have in the specific field you are interested in? Are these professors well-known or relative newbies? Is the department well-respected or globally recognized in that particular field of study? Do they have a track record of producing success in that academic discipline? This is a benchmark of consideration, the other factors pale in comparison.

Second, take note of the campus lifestyle. Pay careful attention to the school's student population. Is it a commuter school or dorm school? Your answer to this question, greatly impacts the culture of the school. One key problem with commuter schools is that it is easier to feel "lonely" and disconnected. Dorm schools tend to develop a sense of community and this helps create great school memories. Remember, your school days aren't just about getting trained in a future career. Your school days are also about establishing connections and life-long bonds.

Why should you pay attention to school culture? School culture greatly impacts your enjoyment of the academic experience. If your personality is more suited to a commuter school, you'll probably have a tough time staying on-campus. It is also true for the other way around. Pay attention also to the campus lifestyle because they go hand in hand with campus culture.

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Third is safety and geography.Never underestimate the power of crime and safety in impacting your experience. Some schools may have stellar academic credentials and historical pedigree, but it only takes one traumatic experience with crime to really sour your experience. Some prestigious schools are located in really bad neighborhoods. How bad? We are talking about shootings, rapes, serial killings, burglaries and all sorts of property crimes.

Some applicants would look at property crimes as less serious than violent crimes but this is no small comfort. Often times, being burglarized or robbed, can leave emotional and psychological trauma and overall impact your academic life. School can be stressful enough as it is-don't compound school stress with fear and anxiety over your personal safety.

Bottom line? Consider all the factors above when you are doing your campus tours. It can make or break your choice. The key is to get all the information you need so you can make an informed decision.

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