Why You Must Consider Community Colleges

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The next time you hang out with your friends at the mall or the café, talk about getting into community colleges along with your usual discussions this time. More and more people are realizing the benefits of joining a community college to pursue their education.

There are more than 1,600 community colleges in the US where 11 million students (both full time and part time) representing 40% of the undergraduate group, take part in different programs of their choices.

Let’s take a look at some advantages of community colleges.


Community colleges are very flexible in terms of schedule. While many students enroll themselves as full timers, an equal number also join on a part-time basis in order to work while also undergoing studies.

The open-door policy of community colleges attracts people of all ages, economic backgrounds, races and diversities.

Quality Education

A student of a community college has access to good quality education and a supportive environment. With a good support infrastructure in place, a student can pursue his or her interests, explore different learning options, acquire special talents and also develop the ability of self-learning which will help them throughout their lives.

A community college (also known as technical or junior college) may be under the guidance of a public or private authority. It provides high qualifications in various degrees. A majority of community colleges provide comprehensive curriculum inclusive of transfer options, continuing further studies and technical programs.

Community colleges work in close partnership with community groups, schools, and employers to provide quality programs at convenient times and places. This further ensures better education and care.

Community colleges are economical

At a community college, you don’t have to worry about hefty tuition fees or student loans which will take years to pay up. The tuition fee for community colleges is just a fraction of what you pay at the university. This is a huge benefit for students who otherwise cannot afford to pursue higher education.

Since most community colleges are near their own houses, students can make big savings on room rent and transportation charges as well. Not to mention how convenient it is to get to college and back home.

Friendly staff and eclectic programs

Community colleges are often known for their friendly atmosphere and equally friendly staff members. The panel of expert teachers and instructors are second to none in terms of teaching skills and qualifications.

Community colleges offer an eclectic selection of programs that include arts and education classes like chemistry, business management, psychology, etc. For those students who have to prepare and strengthen their academic skills, community colleges provide a wide variety of programs in subjects such as math education, languages, and other basic skills that help students become successful in life.

Internship and Work Programs

Many community colleges offer the ‘learn while you work’ program. This program, also called cooperative education program, offers students with internship which may gradually lead to a permanent job after graduation. So the student goes through a natural and easy transition from a learning earning.

Internships offer real-world learning while you are also studying for your two-year-degree course. The various information that you learn during the internship, lectures and classroom activities will give you a clear idea about the steps you need to take to secure your future career.

Whether you finally join a community college or not, at least make a visit to your local community college to find out more about their entrance requirements and transfer options. Who know, it might be the best decision you made in your life.

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