With Great Teaching Comes Great Responsibility

by A Guest

All professions have a purpose

Catering for individuality amongst personalities are numerous professions and enough variety that we can all find our calling. We are entitled to participate in a job based on what we love to do and where our interests lay; all professions are important and have a place and a purpose in society. One popular career on the increase is teaching, extremely challenging but well balanced out by the rewarding nature of the job (and the holidays!). There’s no need to look for how this adds value to society, its worth and purpose is perhaps one of the most obvious around - to educate and impart knowledge to another generation.

The foundation of our learning

It’s an interesting thing to ponder that someone cannot become a successful doctor, nurse, lawyer, manager or accountant to name a few if they have not been taught well and patiently by their teachers. How many of us have a favourite teacher from school? One with whom you didn’t realise you were learning from where the knowledge simply stuck because you were enjoying the lesson? The influence on teachers throughout a person’s life is remarkable.

Children learn by example

The first teachers of a child are classically the parents - learning after all begins in the home. Learning largely by example in those first years; songs, speech, laughter and skills are observed and followed. During those tentative first school years therefore right up until higher education and beyond, the academic skills of the child are developed and heightened. In addition to this emotional and social skills are developed and refined in the school environment and teachers are jointly responsible with the parents for the teaching of the fundamental difference between right and wrong - a big responsibility!

Much more than just delivering formal education

To become a teacher is to become a role model of sorts and goes beyond structured learning from formally studied books and articles. Virtues cannot be learned by students from books alone. It is in part to the teacher that this responsibility is given as aside from the mental enhancement of the child, parents desire their children to leave school with manners, social skills and virtues. That’s an awful lot to teach and an awful lot of responsibility placed upon teachers shoulders. Gaining respect from your students early on is critical and leading by example regarded as a highly influential way to teach. Gaining the trust, respect and confidence both of your students and their parents is not easy - hence why teachers are frequently hailed as saints!

Parents want the best for their child

Parents in general will do everything in their power to ensure their child receives the kind of education he or she deserves based on their capability; all parents after all wish for their child to reach their maximum potential. To ensure the best possible education and subsequent opportunities for your child, many parents now supplement their child’s education by paying for additional tuition from education franchises or tutoring services to cater for any learning troubles or subjects their child finds particularly difficult.


In order to have successful teaching career, a teacher must possess a positive attitude, be reliable, fair, dedicated and above all perhaps have a good sense of humour - lets face it…sometimes you’ve just got to laugh! It’s a wonderful feeling being in a position to inspire young people and help them to achieve their dreams. Teaching is such a unique career choice and there are few other careers out there like it.

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This post was written by A Guest

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