Tipping the Scale and Finding that Work-Life Balance

by Mr. Dave Peterson

Searching for that Work-Life Balance

We’re all aware of the “all work and no play” philosophy and we all have to struggle through difficult periods in our career. Sometimes we find ourselves absolutely swamped and other times we’re afforded some much welcomed respite. So what really is this work-life balance that everyone keeps talking about and more importantly, how can we achieve it.

Black or red, odd or even; these are examples of 50/50 situations. Maintaining balance between work and “play” in your life is not one of these situations. Perhaps over time everything smooths itself out, but once you’re at a work stress peak you won’t feel that way. Here are a few life tips on how to deal with the tough times in your attempt at maintaining balance.

Move it

Work will often throw your life out of balance. You might be struggling to focus and stressing about the fact that you’re struggling to focus, but rather than trying to force it to come to you from your desk, pack it in and take a realistic break from everything until you’re feeling revitalised enough to tackle it again.


It’s a known fact that it’s harder to concentrate when fatigue sets in, so keep fit by walking and exercising and you may find that this becomes an enjoyable routine that retains some work life balance.

Call it in

During times of extreme work stress it’s those little things that really push you to the limits. Having to go into shopping malls to buy groceries (an event that you might be happy doing while in a stress trough) does not tip the balance in your favour. So why not get a roommate or friend to help you out with one or two things, promising to return the favour when they are inevitably in a time of need.

Sweet Dreams

The attraction of retiring to your bedroom might seem like a good idea when life isn’t balancing in your favour. It’s important not to shut yourself in your room and return to your computer screen, avoiding everyone and watching movies until you pass out at midnight. Try and stick to a bedtime that gives you decent rest and helps you wake up refreshed.

Battery Life

You do need to have time to yourself though. As part of the work life balance you need to work on the “life" part as well. Make sure you are disciplined with how you spend your free time and make sure it is spent productively. Stressing about organising events and dealing with social issues won’t necessarily help you find the life balance you’ve been searching for.

This post was written by Mr. Dave Peterson

Dave Peterson has been involved in career counseling. Not only dealing with students entering the job market, he also engages in motivational advice for current employees dealing with pressure in the work space.

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