Work-wear You Would Wear Constantly (If You Could)

by A Guest Author

Your job probably has a dress code. If you’re unlucky, it’ll be the sort of dull job where you have to wear a shirt and tie and sensible shoes. If you’re really unlucky, your job involved wearing a branded paper hat and horrible colored polo-shirt, or maybe a sandwich board.

But there are some jobs where the outfit is basically a perk of the job. Most jobs you get home and can’t wait to change into a pair of sweatpants and a Spider-Man t-shirt, but with this work-wear, you’ll want to wear them to the shops!


Who wouldn’t want to be an astronaut? Aside from getting to explore the final frontier you get to wear this fabulous outfit. The great thing about your spacesuit is that it also has all kinds of real world applications. Need to go shopping in the rain? No problem! You’re in a protective suit! In the pub and someone’s telling you a really boring story? Just drop down the reflective visor and have a nap. The only downside is that drinking your pint will be a challenge.


The immediate advantages of this work-wear are obvious. You can tell people to do stuff and they pretty much have to do it. You want a cab? Just wave one down and tell them to step on it. Want some drugs? If you find people with drugs you can just tell them to give them to you. Aside from that, you also get handcuffs! Who doesn’t love handcuffs?

Plus, if you get bored of being a cop, you can just tell people you’re a strip-o-gram!


White coats are great for keeping stains off our real clothes, plus they billow dramatically when you walk purposefully down corridors, so you look a bit like Neo from the Matrix. That’s only the start of it though. Keep that white coat on and literally everyone’s mum will want their offspring to date you.


Admittedly, this one very much depends on you living somewhere with clement weather, but go on, admit it- you would never get bored of running slow motion. It would never, ever happen.


Every time you walked into a bar everyone would have to stop talking to turn round and look at you. You’d never need to say anything, just tip your hat occasionally or switch the toothpick you’re chewing from one side of your mouth to the other. And you get to wear a big hat. All the best work-wear involves you wearing a big hat.

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