9 Tips For Choosing The Right Classes For College

by Chad Agrawal

Choosing classes for college is one of the most important and sometimes, overlooked aspect of getting a college education degree. You must decide which college classes to take (along with which professor) towards your degree in school with great care to insure success.

Unfortunately, most students at accredited colleges do not take enough time choose the right classes for college. In fact, choosing the best college classes should be a top priority when earning a college education degree at accredited colleges, including 2 year college programs, online colleges and universities. In this post, you'll learn:

  • Why choosing the right classes is important for your degree in school
  • 5 tips for choosing college classes at community college (or other degree programs)
  • 4 tips for choosing classes for college at university

At the end of this post, you should be ready to choose classes for college correctly and plan accordingly. Enjoy the post, share it with your friends and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions!

Choosing The Right Classes For College

Although choosing the right classes in any college is an important aspect of your college career, it is especially important for community college transfers. Planning and choosing classes correctly can help you successfully transfer from community college to ivy league, or any other university you desire yo transfer to. Failing to plan properly, can result not only in wasted time and money, but also in wasted opportunity.

For example, let's say that two students are taking cheap college courses towards a business degree in school. The first student chooses his classes for college quickly right before the deadline without planning anything, looking up professors on college websites or considering which classes should be taken now versus later. On the other hand, the second student takes the time to plan out classes, choose professors and seek out advice for college.

Who do you think is going to have a better college experience?

If you plan and choose classes conscientiously, you're not only going to benefit from better classes, but you'll also benefit from a higher quality of life. You'll feel prepared and confident about what you are doing, allowing you to focus on the important stuff instead of worrying about the things that really don't matter.

So, don't skip the planning stage and get as much transfer students advice as you can.

5 Tips For Choosing College Classes At Community College

While these tips are targeted to students going to 2 year college programs and transferring to get a college bachelor degree at 4 year degree programs, they can also be used for anyone going to a 4 year college to complete their college education degree.

#1. Plan all 4 semesters towards your degree in school. Perhaps, you're first semester at accredited colleges will be hard to choose so carefully, but as soon as possible, it is best to meet with an advisor or professor to plan out your community college courses. Not everything needs to be set in stone, but you want to have a rough idea or skeleton of what each semester is going to look like - including how many college course credits you will be taking, what kind of college education degree you're working towards and which community college classes are college courses that transfer to ivy league or your dream university.

#2. Get the required college courses out of the way. By taking required courses as soon as possible, you open yourself up for class scheduling flexibility and choice as the semesters go on. You don't want to be stressed out about having to get into a required class your last semester in order to transfer to university or start working. In addition, most college students are least motivated during their last semesters at a 2 year degree program or 4 year degree program. That's probably the time you want to have the most flexibility and choice for college classes so you can focus on the next step like transferring from community college to ivy league or joining the workforce.

#3. Don't take specialized courses yet, just the basics. After you get the required courses out of the way, your going to have a choice of what you want to take. If you're not sure or undecided about your major, now is the time to explore courses to discover your passion towards your bachelors degree in school. For more information on choosing your major, read our post Five Steps To Choose Your Major. If you already know what you want to major in, now is not the time to specialize too much. Take transferable courses that will contribute to your foundation towards your desired bachelors degree so that you can take the specialty courses at your 4 degree programs.

#4. Choose the best professors at your college. When choosing a professor, keep in the back of your mind that you want to build a relationship with them. Eventually, you are going to be asking for letters of recommendation and it will help if you've chosen professors who are truly committed and care about you. The best way to find out about professors is to ask older students who have taken them before. If you're not involved on campus or have nobody to ask at the moment, there are plenty of college websites that offer information and ratings about professors at accredited colleges everywhere, including where you get you're degree in school.

#5. Schedule your classes to your lifestyle. You would be surprised at how many students don't have schedules that fit their lifestyle or social life at 2 year community colleges. Perhaps, it's because they didn't follow tip #1 and get the required courses done first. You know what works for you. Pick classes and times that will jive with your learning style, work life, family life and social life! Most students doing a degree in school would do well with a scheduling like this: Fridays off, Monday's late and no early mornings. Regardless, if you are a freshman or sophomore at community college or any degree program, you should not be stacking your classes on 2 days until you've really gotten used to college life.

4 Tips To Choose Classes For College At University

These following tips are can be used at a 4 year college degree program in addition to the above tips. The tips below are targeted for juniors and seniors at accredited colleges pursuing a degree in school.

#6. Take specialized courses in your degree program. Now is the time to take your specialized courses in degrees for business or whatever career you're pursuing for your degree in school. By taking college classes that are specialized after taking your required and basic courses, your study skills and foundation of knowledge are stronger to allow you to get more out of your specialized classes for college.

#7. Plan for your career after attending accredited colleges. Choose college classes that are going to complement your future career goals that will either give you an advantage over other candidates for job positions, internships, etc. If you're still undecided or going to work for yourself, take courses that will enhance your skills/knowledge in your respective field as you discover your passion.

#8. Leave time to recruit for jobs, internships, etc. For college students who want jobs after college, it's a good idea to leave time in your schedule for recruiting. Since different industries recruit at different times, it is wise to take a lighter semester during your respective recruiting season at a 4 year degree program. This is much easier to do if you have followed tip #1 and planned your college classes ahead of time and followed tip #2 to get your required course out of the way. Of course, you'll also have to know when you are recruiting.

#9. Don't leave lots of classes for college to your last semester. If you're planning on taking a full course load your first semester, you might be setting yourself up for a rough time. If possible, try to make your last semester as light as possible so you can enjoy your senior year, prepare for your next step of life - probably a successful career and above all, avoid senioritis! As you finish your degree in school, you can look back and have great memories of your last semester of college classes.

Learning More...

Following these 9 tips to choose the right classes for college, we hope that you will have a better college experience with more fun, success and opportunities for the future. If you want to learn more, sign up for our FREE videos to make community college easy or check out our guide to transfer from community college to ivy league.

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This post was written by Chad Agrawal

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