Transfer Decision: Boston University vs Bentley University

by Chad Agrawal

One of my customers, I'll call him John for the purpose of this post, purchased my community college guide about two years ago. Today, he has been successfully accepted into two great universities as a transfer student. Although he was at a 4-year college (not a community college), John bought my eBooks and had been emailing me questions all throughout his college experience. I was very proud when he told me that he was now deciding between BU and Bentley. Since he asked for some support in making the decision on where to transfer, I wrote him the following back and thought it would be helpful to post:

Congratulations my man!! I'm so happy for you. Those are both amazing schools, teir 1 too! Whoo hoo. You should be really proud of yourself...

I'm not an expert on those two schools, but maybe I can offer some helpful insight. Consider which program is best for your educational needs. After you transfer, which school will give you the best internships, resources, jobs, recruiting, etc.?

Since both schools are very well known, I would choose based on the factors most important to me: program specialization, cost of attendance and location.

Program specialization - For example, if I was doing management/entrepreneurship, I would compare these programs directly and how they stack up against the competition. Also, look at their relationships with companies and who recruits on their campus. You're already accepted. Call them up and ask questions if you can't find something online.

Cost of Attendance - Well, here its a numbers game. I would try to save yourself some money and go for the program that will give you the most money in terms of overall price, financial aid, grants, scholarships, etc.

Location - This is huge. As you know, being a student at [Removed], location makes a huge difference. I know that BU's campus is right in Boston and I'm not too sure about Bentley. I don't think it is located in such a heavily populated area, just outside the city. This could make a difference as you want to make a next step in your career and professional endeavors.

Now, on a personal note, I know two people who went to BU and they both are really smart and they were academically challenged in the program, made good friends and loved the city. However, it seemed like that they did not get a lot of support in terms of finding a job and recruiting which you may not necessarily need if you are good at that yourself. On the other hand, I have a distant cousin who goes to Bentley but I haven't hear much good/bad from him.

Hope this helps a bunch.

**Everyone, please continue to send me emails as I have a really hard time keeping up with comments.

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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