Community College Transfer To University With Uncommon Success

by Chad Agrawal


Here's the goal: to help you community college transfer to university, your dream university. That might be an Ivy League university, a tier 1 university, or a small college near home. All that matters is that whichever one you're aiming for, this post will help you get there.

And whether you're in high school, thinking about becoming a community college transfer student, or already writing your application to transfer, the goal is the same: to successfully community college transfer to university and lead you to succeed after you transfer to university. That's why I wrote this epic community college guide.

How To Community College Transfer To University

When considering a community college transfer to university, it's important to take the right steps at community college to ensure a successful transition into university. When you take the right steps, you'll notice that community college will become a lot easier and you'll actually enjoy transferring to university from community college.

A great place to start for any potential community college transfer, is our very own step-by-step guide, The 3 Word Truth To Attending Community College And Transferring. You'll have the entire recipe, from start to finish, for community college transferring to any university you want - including how to transfer from community college to ivy league and tier 1 universities. Plus, The 3 Word Truth To Attending Community College And Transferring is bundled with ebooks that include how to adjust successfully as a transfer student at your new university and continue your success. For more details about the guide, click here.

Other Community College To University Transfer Resources You May Want To Check Out

If you feel prepared enough that you don't need a complete community college transfer guide, but have some simmering questions, you can dive into our ever growing blog for even more in-depth information like How To Transfer Credits From Community College. Although, I recommend that if you want to be a successful community college transfer, you'll want to lay down a plan of your own that includes the universities that you want to transfer to. But, back to our blog...With new posts being added every week, it's a good idea to check back regularly or like us on facebook for updates.

In addition, if you still haven't satisfied your cravings for community college transfer information, you may want to check out the free videos that are helpful for anyone who wants to community college transfer to university.

And just in case you can't find something, you're welcome to contact me directly by email (see the contact us link above) or on twitter at @students_advice to get more answers. Your questions will be answered ASAP and carefully noted to keep our guide, The 3 Word Truth To Attending Community College And Transferring, updated so it's as useful as possible.

With that being said, please take advantage of the wealth of information we have to offer and if it helps you, please share it with your friends by liking us on Facebook. I'll consider it a pleasant way of saying "thank you" or "keep doing a great job!"

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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This article is the bomb. You have a new fan! I can’t wait for the next update 🙂


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