5 Tips to Get a Raise

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You’ve been working at your company for a few yours or you’ve just jumped into a new company but you would like to build your career and get a bit more money for all your hard work. How do you do it? We made a list of a few key things you can do to get your boss and your team leaders attention.

Volunteer for new strategies

When the CEO, Manager or Team leader needs someone to test out new strategies or pitch in for their latest idea you should jump to the opportunity. Making yourself available for hard work and showing them that you are willing to test out new ideas and strategies makes you stand out from the rest. You’ll get more face to face time with the people who matter as well since they are constantly going to ask you about the project and how it’s going. It’s going to be extra work but with hard work comes success.

Learn a relevant skill

Learning a new skill which compliments your current career can only be an advantage. You’ll be the forerunner if no one else studied what you did and you’ll occasionally be in the spotlight. If you’re an administrator then do advanced classes in Excel or Word, if you’re a developer then take all the extra classes you can get. Each diploma, degree and certificate makes you invaluable to your company and will most likely get you that raise you need. People notice when you stand out above the rest, especially the managers and CEO’s of the company.

Be positive

No one likes a doom bringer at the office. Try to stay positive and keep a good attitude when it comes to your work. If you follow the moans and groans of the rest of your co-workers you’ll most likely be seen as lazy and unproductive. Rather meet new ideas and hard work with vigor and a great attitude. I’ve experienced that when you are positive at the work place you will be given more work which leads to glowing reviews.

Work hard

This is a given at any office. When you’re the last one in and the last one out its hard not to notice how much time and effort you put into your work (and clients). Your family shouldn’t suffer but you should squeeze in as much time as you can and put in that extra bit of work where you can. Sniff out new strategies and do extra work if you don’t have the means of working a bit later.

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