Apps that Actually Improve your Kid’s Study Habits

by A Guest Author

Apps that Actually Improve your Kid’s Study Habits

For grade school and college students alike, studying is one of the most important aspects of getting the most out the time spent sitting in classroom furniture. If you have a smartphone, you can ditch the bulky notebooks and tedious flash cards in favor of a few of the following apps to make studying more fun, efficient and organized:

  • Cram

This could possibly be the best money you’ll ever spend as a student. With Cram you can create or upload tests and study guides right on your mobile device. You can even share your tests with others and take tests that others have created. Many users enjoy the ability to create their study material on their desktop or laptop and then upload the document to the app. Once your material is in your phone, you can study from anywhere you need to, whether it’s at the park or waiting in a checkout line.

  • iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez app takes the needs of students into account and then streamlines their life, starting with organizing their schedule. You can input your class schedule, whether you’re on a traditional, block or alternating system, complete with class instructors and the ability to color code your classes. You also get a digital agenda in which to keep track of homework tasks, projects and other assignments and their due dates. A daily summary will show you the overview of each day and a built-in grade tracker helps you keep on top of your performance. You even get alerts about upcoming tasks you can can set an alarm to alert you when it’s time to go to class or start on homework.

  • Evernote

You can’t study if you don’t have notes to study from, and this iPhone app takes care of that. Along with the ability to create completely searchable text notes directly on your phone, you can also sync all of your notes from any other device or computer that you may use. You also have the ability to take pictures to remind you about specific concepts or use a voice recorder to review an important lecture. Create to-do lists, share your notes, get reminders, and more when you add the Evernote app to your smartphone.


This free app is an invaluable tool for students or for anyone else for that matter. With access to a complete dictionary and thesaurus without having to lug around a huge book, you can find the meaning of any word you’ll come across during the course of your study time. It’s also a great help when writing papers or completing assignments should you need to look up the spelling of a word or find a synonym.

Guest Author Byline:  By guest blogger Michelle Deaven who specializes in writing about education topics, from the newest innovations in classroom furniture to apps that improve learning.

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