The Benefits Of Participating In ROTC

by Chad Agrawal

rotcGoing to college is one of the biggest decisions that one will ever make in his life. Once you finish high school there are options for you to find a job or to travel if you have the means. Going to college however is one opportunity that most students do not have access to especially if they are not financially ready. If you are experiencing the dilemma of wanting to go to college but not having the financial means to do so, you may explore your scholarship options. If you have the leadership skills and the passion for serving your country, one of the best ways for you to enter college without heavy financial burdens is by joining the Reserve Officer Training Corps or ROTC.

What are some of the benefits of participating in ROTC in college?

1.) Have Sufficient Financial Aid

This is the first and most obvious benefit that you can get from joining the ROTC and perhaps the primary reason why a lot of students enlist in the first place. With some research, you will find that there are a lot of colleges that offer full scholarships to ROTC cadets. Some schools offer partial tuition assistance while another part of your scholarship will go to free board and lodging. These scholarships will help pay for your books, educational expenses and living expenses thereby easing your financial burdens.

2.) Gain Leadership Skills

Army training will prepare you for just about anything that life's challenges will throw at you. Army ROTC will train you not just to become a leader but also to become a leader that leads by example. Yes, training involves a lot of physically draining activities but it also helps you develop the discipline, focus and motivation that you will need in any aspect of your life. As an officer you will learn how to lead other soldiers to respond effectively to fast-changing environments and to achieve success together as a group.

3.) Have Skills Development Training

It takes a strong, resilient and dedicated person to want to become a part of the military. Your participation in ROTC in college will make you a very holistic individual. The training that you will go through will help you learn management and leadership skills that you will not learn in any typical classroom setting. The rigorous schedule of ROTC training will help prepare you for the world out there. From time management skills to quick problem-solving skills and the development of high personal discipline, learning all these will set you apart and give you an edge in the real world. Ultimately, even if you do end up in the military, the skills you have developed in ROTC training will serve you well in just about any career that you end up pursuing.

4.) Gain a solid group of friends.

The rigorous activities in ROTC will make you and your co-trainees form a strong bond of friendship. The people you will meet here become your lifelong friends because of the many challenges and activities that you are exposed to. Training involves a lot of teamwork, which solidifies your relationships with these like-minded individuals with whom you share the same life perspective. Apart from your actual training, ROTC will also expose you to many activities such as parties, social events and volunteer work that further strengthen your bond.

5.) Be Physically, Emotionally and Mentally Fit

College is all about preparing yourself for the real world. Unlike typical classroom instruction alone, involving yourself in ROTC training will help you become a well-rounded individual. You will go through tough exercise regimen that will keep you in tip top shape at all times. In addition to that, you will also be exposed to simulation activities that will prepare you for the emotional and mental strength that you will need when you are out in the field.

Having the passion to serve your country and your people is the first step to becoming successful in ROTC training. Even if your plans to join the military will change in the near future, the training and education that you get from joining ROTC in college will pave the way for a brighter, more secure future for you.

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