Breaking Out of Your Shell on Campus

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College is a time when most students learn more about themselves. They discover new interests, make new friends and learn what makes them tick. This can be one of the best parts of college, but for some people, it takes a little effort.

Not everyone is a natural party animal, and not everyone loves to try new things. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has a different personality, and that's what makes us all interesting. However, if you're interested in learning new things or making new friends, here are a few things you can do to break out of your shell.

Start With Those Around You

When you start college, you are given a handful of built-in connections. For example, you probably have roommates and you definitely have classmates. If you are working part time, you have coworkers. These people are all good connections to have, and often times lasting relationships come from the people you have things in common with (like a shard job or dorm room).

Join a Club or Student Organization

Campuses are full of student clubs and organizations. No matter what your interests are, chances are there is a club that matches up with it. When you get involved in these groups, you will meet a whole new group of people who enjoys the same things you do.

Remember Everyone is Just Like You

As a new college student, most of your peers are just like you, in that they are all also the new kids on the block. They are out to meet new people and learn the ropes of college, just like you. This should bring a certain amount of comfort. You aren't the only one making new friends and trying new things.

Don't Be Afraid of New Things

This one is easier said than done. Remember, you don't know if you'll like something or not until you give it a shot. Be open to trying new things and experimenting with hobbies and activities. You might be surprised when you find out you like something you'd never even considered before. You'll also probably make some new friends in the process.

Breaking out of your shell, learning more about yourself and making new friends can take some effort. It doesn't always come naturally, but with these pieces of advices, it may come a little easier. Start trying new things and making new friends this semester!

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