Career Tips for High School Graduates

by Laura

Let’s face it. Everyone is different and not everybody is going to transfer from community college to Ivy League. However, that doesn't mean you can’t find a decent job that also pays a substantial salary. While college education is important in building a career, especially in these times, you also have to be positive about yourself and believe that you can make it as well. Heck, even college dropouts like Bill Gates of Microsoft and Andre Agassi made it big in their respective fields of expertise. All you need is to know where to look for these opportunities and how to make most out of them once your find them.

Start your career close to your home. Realistically, not all high school students have the financial capacity to embark on a wild journey and make a career. You are going to need a place to live and eat while you are still not employed and looking for employment.

There is also an advantage if you work within close proximity to your home town – you can easily find employment in stores, outlets, and gas stations or any other establishments where you and your family members go to regularly. Remember that this phase is temporary, that you are working now to earn some money and prepare for future career moves.

Consider developing your skills. If you are not attending college, you might was well take some training courses and other skills programs to develop and bolster your skill set. There are many vocational schools that offer technical courses and trade learning such as plumbing, electrical systems, computer systems, and carpentry. For women, the most popular choices are commercial cooking, hairdressing, and beauty therapy, but the options are nearly endless. Taking these courses not only enhances your talents, but also increases your chances of scoring employment suitable to your abilities and preferences.

Volunteer. When opportunities to volunteer come up, it is best that you don’t be too quick to shun the idea. Volunteering has helped many professionals not only in gaining valuable experience, but also in meeting people that can provide them with contacts that they can use in the future.

Get acquainted with people who know the intricacies of your preferred industry. If you have already chosen what career you are planning to enter, it is best that you know some people who operate in the industry. Branch out and build a network. Eventually, you will need these individuals to help you advance further in your career provided you excelled in your chosen profession. They can provide you with recommendations and introduce you to people who might need your services and are willing to hire you based on your connections.

Consider higher education. Many people find success in the chose occupations despite only having a high school diploma. That said, many professionals advance further into their careers and create better futures for themselves and loved ones by taking higher education. College education is an essential requirement for many jobs these days and having a degree will not only increase someone’s credibility but also his or her chances of gaining advancement. If your schedule and surrounding circumstances permit you to attend a college, then go for it. If a full degree is too costly and demanding, or unnecessary for your career goals, consider a shorter term diploma or certificate from your local community college and then transfer. You can go to online colleges and universities for your bachelors degrees as well as other top ranked campus universities.

In the job market, there is no need to feel inadequate because you don't hold a full four-year bachelors degree. There is also an advantage in building a career early. Experience is a valuable attribute in any profession and by gaining hand-son experience, those who hold a high school diploma or trade school certificate are placed in a better position in terms of skills and practical knowledge. The bottom line is: focus on your strengths.

This post was written by Laura

Laura is an English graduate who also does freelance writing for various salary guide, employment, and business websites. She is interested in current economic issues, politics and career development.

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