Careers in Nursing For Community College Nurses

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Health care is one of the fastest growing areas in the economy. As our population ages and more medical care is needed, talented nurses are in demand. Countless hospitals are dealing with nursing shortages, and many medical bodies have emphasized college nursing programs.

Nursing has evolved over the years and more technical abilities are needed. A greater working knowledge is needed to provide modern therapies and perform the latest methods of diagnosis. Careers in nursing can be extremely rewarding, especially considering that nurses always have the rewarding feeling that they're helping others.

Practical Nurse

Training as a licensed nurse is generally less stringent than training in other medical fields, and this training can sometimes be completed in a year. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) can administer medication, feed patients and care for the sick. However, they're under the supervision of registered nurses who work above them.

Registered Nurse

Individuals who want to take up a career as a registered nurse (RN) can enroll in several different degree programs. Two-year courses in nursing are offered by many junior colleges. Universities usually offer four year programs, though the older three year degree courses given by hospitals are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Training will usually include classroom study alongside work experience in hospitals. Graduates have to pass examinations and receive state licenses. These licenses may be different in different states.

Nurse Specialists

Just like physicians, nurses can end up training for specialized work in a certain field. Most of these fields require a master's degree or doctorate. Titles like nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, nurse clinician and nurse practitioner come with these advances degrees.

Nurse practitioners are a special breed, and can perform physical examinations under the supervision of a physician. They're given many rights that are usually reserved for other members of the medical profession. However, these rights come with the same responsibilities that anyone else would be held to when dealing with patients.

International Opportunities

Various international organizations provide employment opportunities for nurses who are looking for an adventure. Nursing operations in times of war or natural disasters are well established in the popular imagination. Charitable and volunteer orders are often critically lacking personnel.

This mirrors the problems with nursing at large. Though there is a large demand, there are few nurses to actually fill that demand. Some people look at this large demand as a major opportunity for them once they've completed their higher education.

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Jami WillsonRn April 1, 2013 at 5:44 am

In the present employment scenario, Nursing Career is occupying the top position because employment opportunities in the majority service sectors are fast drying up, and they are offering negligible employments, whereas nursing field is booming and regularly providing thousands of health care jobs in different fields and positions.


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