Tips to Maintain a Clean Office for a Clean Corporate Image

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Maintaining a clean office can lead to customers and clients viewing you more favorably and can also ensure that work is carried out more productively. Follow these five simple clean office tips to let your best image shine through.

1. Utilize organization products to cut down clutter.

When an office contains an adequate amount of filing space as well as space to hold everyday use objects like office supplies or equipment that is industry specific, it will look cleaner because of reduced clutter. Having organization products available isn't enough, however. Employees need to be on the same page for how to organize in a way that best suits the office and how often clutter will need to be addressed.

2. Empower employees to maintain their own space.

This doesn't mean cancelling the cleaning crew. However, when employees feel good about their workspace and feel ownership for whatever area they work in, they are more likely to maintain it to a higher standard. This means that clutter is addressed faster, small cleaning issues are taken care of immediately instead of left standing, and overall appearances are improved.

3. Give specific instructions.

Cleaning crews often have specific lists of chores to complete when working on an office. However, all offices are different and so if there is a certain way cleaning should be done in your office, ensure the cleaning crew knows and understands. Drawing up a detailed list of expectations can ensure that cleaning is carried out efficiently and all office needs are met.

4. Discuss cleaning expectations among key office stakeholders.

Different leaders have different expectations for cleanliness. In an office, it is typical for dust to build up and other cleaning "messes" to occur - coffee spills, marks on floors, debris left in storage areas. Because perfection is unlikely, it's important to know what different managers expect in terms of cleanliness, so sensible standards can be agreed upon for cleaning.

5. Scheduled cleaning is accomplished cleaning.

When an office sets days up ahead of time to do paperwork clean outs and storage clean ups, they become commonplace tasks that employees are aware of and build expectations for continuous cleaning. In addition, when cleaning crews work on an office the same times or nights every week, employees know when to put out larger trash or to do their own cleaning up in preparation for the crew to do the rest.
When a clean office is maintained, everyone wins. Clients and customers can see a business that takes pride in itself. Employees can feel comfortable in their workplace. And managers are able to accomplish more work because of heightened productivity and less day-to-day concerns about clutter or cleaning.

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John Harshow blogs about corporate cleaning tips and currently blogs for BG Cleaning Delhi, an India based cleaning company that provides corporate cleaning services in Delhi NCR.

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