Community College to Law School: 5 Awesome Admission Secrets Exposed

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Community College Law School

Community college students have the entire world ahead of them when they graduate from a two-year program. They can choose to pursue any type of four-year bachelors degree they like; the possibilities are nearly endless.

One program that many students strive to get into is law. Unfortunately, four-year undergraduate degrees are not enough to make a person a lawyer. Luckily, there are a vast number of undergraduate degrees that will prepare a student for law school.

In order to go from community college to law school, you'll have to:

  • attend community college
  • transfer from community college to a 4-year-college
  • apply and get accepted into law school

Now, to make this process a whole lot easier, wouldn't you like to know which universities and majors are best for getting into law school?

Hence, the title of this post, "Community College to Law School: 5 Awesome Admission Secrets Exposed"

Below are five universities that offer programs (and majors) that have been proven to produce the best scores for students taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

To transfer to one of these universities, you'll want to read about Transferring To Top Universities.

Top 5 Universities (and Majors) for Community College Students Pursuing Law

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Math Majors

An institute of technology may not seem like the best way to get into law school, but it actually provides a path that most people do not even consider. The LSAT is a requirement to get into any law school and getting a good grade on this admissions test is imperative. U.S. News and World Report ranked the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the best undergraduate program for math students. It just so happens that math undergraduate majors have also consistently scored the highest LSAT scores when compared to other majors. (You do the math.)

Click here to learn about transferring to MIT >>

2. Harvard University - Philosophy Majors

This may seem like a pipe dream, but it could very well be a real possibility. A community college student transferring into Harvard should go into the philosophy undergraduate program. Students with philosophy bachelor’s degrees have consistently ranked the second highest amongst college students who take the LSAT. Many people believe Harvard is too expensive, but this is no longer true for undergraduate students either. Harvard now offers tuition assistance to low-income students, and they even offer free tuition to students whose households make less than sixty thousand dollars per year.

You may want to read how to transfer from community college to Harvard!

3. University of Chicago - Economics Majors

The University of Chicago is tied with Harvard and Princeton Universities for the best program in economics. Students wanting to go to law school that have an interest in economics should consider applying to this undergraduate program at the University of Chicago. Economics students have also scored consistently high scores on the LSAT, ranking third only to math and philosophy undergraduates.

And yes, you can transfer from community college to University of Chicago

4. California Institute of Technology - Chemistry Majors

California Institute of Technology is yet another technological institute that can greatly prepare a community college student for law school. A student who chooses to attend classes there should transfer into the chemistry program. California Tech ranks as the best university in the country for chemistry undergraduates. Though chemistry students have not done as well as the aforementioned math, philosophy and economics students on the LSAT, these students have consistently earned a rank in the top ten LSAT scores amongst all college majors.

Want to transfer to California Institute of Technology? click here...

5. Princeton - History Majors

Princeton may seem like another "pie in the sky" college (because they don't accept community college transfers), but it does a great financial aid program for students who start as a freshman. Princeton is listed as the top school in the nation for history majors, and if a student chooses to go to Princeton, going into the history program will help them prepare for law school. Students with undergraduate degrees in history have also consistently ranked in the top ten of all majors who take the LSAT. This has been continuous over the past two decades, so the history program at Princeton could certainly be a viable option for students searching for an undergraduate program that will help prepare them for law school.

Choosing Your Major For Community College To Law School

Many students choose to take prelaw as undergrads, but this isn’t necessarily the best choice.

My friend, who is an Orlando family attorney wants you to know that having a well-rounded and diverse educational background can help you become a lawyer.

So, if you are considering law school further down the road, it may be in your best interest to choose a different major for your undergraduate degree.

Community college students interested in a law degree often think that finding the best prelaw college to attend is the right course of action, but this simply is not true.

Surprisingly, students with prelaw degrees barely made it into the top thirty majors when it came to the best scores for the LSAT. Looking at the top scorers for this mandatory test is a far better method for choosing an undergraduate program. Here's why:

  • You can have wide ranging options for their undergraduate school and program
  • You also know that that specific university is going to give you the best possible education in that major
  • You have a great chance of doing well on the LSAT

So, if you are considering making the jump from community college to law school in the future, consider all your options before choosing a university and major.

Next Step To Go From Community College To Law School

After you've chosen your target university and major, you have to make sure you can get accepted into that university from your local community college.

To transfer from your community college successfully, learn how to become a top student at community college.

About The Authors

Karla M. Somers is a graduate of community college and a private university, with a master's certificate in conflict management. She is a contributing writer for Katz & Phillips, an Orlando family attorney who compassionately helps families in Florida who are going through the divorce process. The legal team of Katz & Phillips is comprised of lawyers from diverse educational backgrounds and experience, including political science and criminology.

Chad Agrawal is the founder of, a website dedicated to helping community college transfer students get accepted into top universities.

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