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Germany is known as one of the best countries in Europe, with the best universities and strongest financial system. Germany is the country where still you can find tons of available jobs after you have graduated. Studying here, it is a dream coming true. With 12.000 different courses taught by best German Universities, you have the chance to choose the best for your career. Degrees from this world known universities will help you a lot while you are searching for a job opportunity in your new career. Universities in Germany are opened to students from all countries. Every year 250.000 foreign students come to study here. It is considered as one of the most favorite destination to study in the world.

Some Basic Knowledge about Germany:

With an 81.7 million population, Germany is the country with the most population in the European Union. Berlin is the capital city. The capital city is also the largest city in Germany; Berlin is also as a cross-road for some European countries like France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark etc.

Why should you study in Germany?

Wise question, what makes it so special to study here? It is considered as the most important country in Europe, even though it is not the largest country, the strong economic system and the rich history of this country gives a special value and ranks Germany as one of the four strongest economic and political countries in the world. Finding a job with a degree earned in a German university isn’t hard at all. 75% of foreign students achieve to find a job to cover their own expenses while they are still in Germany.

Top Ranked Universities In Germany

Studying on a top ranked university is a real dream, not all students have that privilege to study in one of those universities. But it is always good to know what you should look for if you’re planning to study here. If you still do not know what you are looking for, here are top four universities.

  • University of Munich: Is considered as the best university by the ARWU. Different criteria’s are taken in consideration to give this honorable title. There are a lot of foreign students that study there. Finding new friends is not hard at all because there are lots of students that are in shame shoes as you.
  • University of Heidelberg: Known as the oldest university in Germany dating from 1386 is ranked on top 100 Universities on the world. It has twelve faculties with more than 29 thousand students. A lot of famous peoples have graduated in University of Heidelberg.
  • University of Hagen: Is the largest German public university, it is more focused on distance teaching. There are undergraduate and postgraduate study options. You can earn a degree online via internet.
  • University of Berlin: was founded in 1810 and is still one of the most attractive universities to study for new foreign students. There are plenty of choices to choose. It has different postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It is located in Berlin, in one of the largest cities in Europe.

German Language:

German is a language with a long history and many interesting facets. Spoken as the official language in Germany, Austria, parts of Switzerland, and the miniscule state of Liechtenstein, and as a minority language in several other European countries, German has a base of native speakers numbering almost 100 million. As the stigma of association with World War II has worn off of the language over time, increasing numbers of students have settled on German as their second language of choice. It helps that German and English share many words in common. Ex. the word for "man" in German is Mann, the German word for "House" is Haus. Despite the similarities, there are some significant differences that may present a challenge to new student. The most challenging problem for most of foreign students is the grammar. German language is required while visa interviews. Most of universities require good knowledge of German language in speaking and writing. Candidates who are allowed by their qualifications to enter in Germany are required to take German courses to learn the language.

Requirements:  To study in Germany you’ll need to complete the required documentation and apply for a visa on German embassy based on your country. You must apply for so called national-visas, which are given for study or work purpose.

Visa Requirements: Visit your university website and see what documentation you need to prepare for your visa application, prepare them and then make a visa appointment.

Valid Documentation:  Visit the German embassy website and see what documentation is required to apply for visa. Always be sure to send just valid documentation.  

Travel Health Insurance: It is required that you have some type of travel health insurance for students. You should choose carefully what you want to be covered for. Always choose the right insurance policy as in the future you may need to be covered if any accidents happen. Health treatments in Deutschland are pretty expensive so better get the most from your insurer so in any accident or health issue, you will be covered and you won’t need further expenses.

Financial Requirements:  It is required to have someone guarantee your studies whether it be your family, or you personally. You must have enough budgets to pay for your rent, personal expenses and college. This is required both by colleges and by embassy.

It is always great to study abroad, choosing German universities as one of your future colleges would be great. You will benefit a lot from your experience there. Degrees from those universities are very valuable and will help a lot in your future career. So choose the best for a brightly future.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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