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Being a college student is about more than getting a degree. It is about learning who you are, both professionally and socially. So go out tonight and paint the town. Or if you are in one of the 50 or more cities lucky enough to have the Dayglow Tour come through the local fairgrounds, go out and paint each other.

This is the message sent to college students across the country by organizers of the Dayglow Tour, the world's largest paint party and a massive celebration of electronic music and DJ culture. The premise is simple: gather in a massive outdoor space, listen to electronic and house DJ's and get covered from head to toe—by DJ's, stage hands and other participants—in day-glow paint. Started in 2006 on college campuses in Florida, the events have expanded to stadium venues and amphitheaters to accommodate massive crowds across the nation. But organizers want to ensure that the events still cater to college students as much as possible. That is why, wherever they go, the Dayglow Tour offers transportation through party bus rentals that take students to and from campus.

Partnering with various club venues, limo companies and even Anderson Paint in some cities, the Dayglow party bus is an affordable transport shuttle for students to get to and from the shows safely. While being covered in paint may make public transit and cabs difficult to obtain, party bus transport allows groups to stay together, enjoy the show and get home safely, no matter what state they are in.

Like limousines, party bus rentals have become popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, concert events and bar crawls. But while many party buses are booked privately, allowing this transport for party-goers increases attendance for events like the Dayglow tour by reducing barriers to entry for cost-conscious students. While massive universities like Penn State may host events on site, nearly all events are now hosted in arenas that may not be easily accessible for students and electronic music fans around the region. By offering transit to ticket holders, tour organizers increase food and drink sales, ticket sales and merchandise sales for the Dayglow tour.

Some party buses are also utilized for bringing visitors to local bars and after-party locations, further increasing the value for local businesses and drawing sponsorships in many cities across the country.

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