Different Photography Careers

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Photography is a career which you need a drive for, many people fall out of the curriculum because they can’t take the fast paced action and the dedication that goes with it. Amateur photographers have a large amount of respect for those that make photography their profession and not just their hobby.

There are many different careers in photography so each person will be able to follow their passion and do something they ultimately love for the rest of their lives.  We made a list of some of the photography careers so that you can make your pick.


Fashion photographers are frequently used by magazines, national and internationally. If you can make your name as a fashion photographer you can make it big in the fashion world. This kind of photography isn’t just for women but for men as well (as are all types of photography really). You can start out on your own but you’ll make a much bigger impression if you had someone famous as your mentor in fashion photography.


Journalism is a very soul searching kind of photography as you will be challenged with moral, spiritual and intellectual issues as you take photographs for the latest story. Many photographers sometimes go into the line of fire to get the best photos for their newspaper and it never gets boring. You might start off as an assistant but if you show enough passion and insight you’ll go big.

Memorializing Special Events

People love pictures of their children, family, christenings, school plays and you name it. Fathers and mothers want pictures of their children while they grow up (mostly for sentimental values). You’ll always have a job in your community (if you’re good enough) and you’ll never be out of business if you work hard and socialize with the community.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography covers anything from product photography to taking pictures of the offices and staff of each client or corporation. When doing commercial photography you’ll work for medicine companies, insurance companies, construction companies and most likely taking photos of their products and services. Product photography is best done in the studio so be ready to have some sort of space where you can take photos of large and smaller objects for each client.

Here is a list of other photography careers you can pursue (and this isn’t even the full list!)

  • Sport
  • Nature
  • Outdoor
  • Scientific
  • Architectural
  • Medical
  • Underwater
  • Culinary

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