Necessary Supplies and Gadgets for Community College Transfers

by A Guest Author

Best device for community college transfersCommunity college transfer students have always struggled to meet the requirements of their schooling, from penning thoughtful and illuminating essays to completing complex equations to memorizing words and phrases in other languages. But along the way, all kinds of useful supplies and gadgets have surfaced to help academics more easily achieve their educational pursuits. While generations past may have used an abacus, a typewriter, or other antiquated tools to get their work done faster, students these days have it made with a slew of electronics that can give them instant access to answers with a few simple keystrokes or taps to a touchscreen. In fact, there are so many devices at the disposal of modern students that it can be difficult to narrow down the options in order to choose the right products for the job. So here are just a few necessary supplies and gadgets that every student should have.

Since community college transfer students are often trying to cut back on expenses, finding multifunctional tools is a must. Not only is the cost a factor, but economy of size is important, as well, what with book bags already stuffed to the breaking point with textbooks, notepads, and other hallmarks of academia. So the student on the go will be best served with gadgetry that's designed to perform multiple functions and meet many pressing demands. For these purposes, laptops and tablets are uniquely suited to the task. Both are relatively small and lightweight (although tablets are the clear winner in this department) and they offer all kinds of functionality thanks to software and apps.

Not only can community college transfer students write and store papers and takes notes on these devices, but they can also download a library worth of books (and the apps that will let them highlight and annotate to their heart's content), find information, stay connected to family and friends, and store all of their important documents (from syllabi to class assignments) on them. And with tablets beginning to offer all the same functionality as laptops thanks to the ever-expanding app-world, even these go-to, mobile computers may soon find themselves on the way out, especially considering that most tablets are cheaper than the average laptop these days. The only thing community college transfers really need to consider is whether the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Xoom, or other tablet is the best device to meet their particular needs.

Of course, mobile gadgets are great for your time on community college campuses, and they can definitely alleviate the need for other devices and supplies, but the average student may still want a few items at home. For example, you might not need a PC, especially if your tablet has wireless capabilities, but you might still need a few add-ons to make it function like a computer. For example, an external storage drive can help to ensure that your mobile devices never get too cluttered. And a wireless printer (complete with all the extras like paper and HP 1320 toner cartridges) will certainly be necessary if you still have teachers that require hard copies rather than digital files. But the truth is that home computers are no longer the end-all be-all of  community college transfer student devices. So if you're looking to save some money on hardware and still get all the functionality you need, consider the growing market for tablets. You're sure to find one that suits your needs on campus and off.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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