The Perfect Match: How I found the Right Tutor

by Harvey Johnson

Finding English tutors, maths tutors, language tutors, and any other type of tutor can be a challenge. Many tutors are unadvertised, and gain business only by word-of-mouth. If you need specific instruction in a certain area, it is not always easy to locate a tutor, especially if you are short on time. Luckily, the Internet makes it much easier to locate online or in-person tutors quickly. Many websites offer reliable tutor lists that students can use to find the right tutor for their subject, instruction level, and budget. These services provide an easy and effective way to locate and choose the best tutors for any subject and instruction level. You can use the same process to locate your own tutor for any subject imaginable.

Tutoring Agencies

A tutoring agency collects a list of tutors in the area and the subjects that they teach. In the past, many of these agencies were based inside schools and other brick-and-mortar locations. Potential students would have to visit the locations to find the tutor right for them. The drawback of a brick-and-mortar agency is that many agencies do not keep a record of the specific feedback that each tutor receives. These agencies may also higher tutors that are under qualified for the position, leading to less effective results. Now, it is possible to find tutor location services online, where it is much easier to see the qualification of each tutor and feedback from previous students, which leads to a teaching experience that is better overall.

Online Selection

Online tutor selection provides the ultimate convenience to potential students. With an online service, you can easily browse through hundreds of tutors qualified to teach on the same subject. Some agencies allow you to view tutors based on hours of availability, location, qualification level, and many other criterion. You can browse and choose a tutor in just a few minutes without ever having to leave your home.

Tutor Qualifications

Online tutor selection agencies make it easy to see the qualifications of each tutor. At a glance, you can view the tutor’s qualifications, education, experience, and feedback from past students. This gives potential students a high level of power that has never before existed in the tutor selection process. Students can quickly see which tutors are most qualified in their field and see what other students had to say about the effectiveness of the teaching. When choosing a tutor, always pick the tutor that can provide the best level of teaching to new students.

Student Reviews

Before selecting a tutor, look at the overall rating of each tutor and read reviews of the tutor from past students. It is important to read a variety of reviews, because disgruntled students will consistently leave bad reviews, which is not always the result of poor teaching. Sometimes a student is at fault for not following the instruction provided by the tutor. However, if a tutor has consistently poor reviews, then it is better to choose a tutor that has a higher amount of good reviews. This will ensure you receive the best instruction possible no matter what subject you need.

Tutor Interviews

Choose two or three tutors that you feel will best match your tutoring needs. Set up in-person or online interviews with each candidate. Spend some time in the interview getting to know the tutor. Ask the tutors what teaching methods they use, what kind of work they expect from students, and how they have helped students improve in the past. In this interview you can get a feel for the personality of the tutor and find out if the two of you can work well together, or if there is a personality problem that would prevent you from learning from this tutor. After the interview process, you should then be able to easily choose the best tutor for your needs.

Following this tutor selection process will ensure you receive the ultimate one-on-one instruction with a tutor that will help you improve your knowledge and advance in the subject areas where you need the most help. With the modern advancements and tutor location services, it is easier than ever to find the most qualified tutors on every subject imaginable from primary grades all the way to University degrees.

This post was written by Harvey Johnson

Harvey Johnson has been in education for over 30 years.  He has worked in schools as a teacher, in after school programs, and as a private tutor.  Currently, he works in a developmental role for First Tutors, a UK based turtoring service.  In his spare time, Harvey enjoys traveling, football, and sailing.  

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