How to Find a Great Technology Internship At Community College

by A Guest Author

What's the best way to test your knowledge and jump-start your career in the field of technology? An internship while attending community college! If you're looking to get your foot in the door, then you know how much competition there is. When you consider that not all technology internships are created equal (some are more desirable than others), it only makes sense that you get your feelers out there and find the best one for you. Want to know how? Here are some tips for how to find a great technology internship:

Start in advance. Determine when you will be ready to serve your internship, and begin looking for your dream internship at least a semester in advance. Keep in mind that most large companies begin looking for their summer interns during the winter season, while other companies may accept applications for interns year-round, while requiring a lengthy application and qualification process. If you want to be able to choose from the cream of the crop, the sooner you start looking, the better.

Your community college. Your school should have a comprehensive listing of internships that may be open to you. You may schedule a meeting with your student services advisor, or you may even be able to find internship listings online, via your school's website.

Local companies. Make a list of all the local technology companies you are interested in working with. Contact the human resources administrators at each company, and ask if they offer (or are willing to participate in) an internship program through your school. You may even be able to get this information from the company website. From there, you can find out more about the application and qualification process.

Job boards. All of the major job boards like Monster, Craigslist, and DICE also include listings for internship opportunities. If there is a technical job board specific to your major or desired field, then you should also check there regularly for internships you may be interested in. Another route you may take is to check with any professional associations related to your field of interest.

Use the appropriate search terms. When searching job boards like those mentioned and job search engines like, be sure to use a variety of applicable search terms. While you may find a number of opportunities using the term "intern," you should also search the terms "internship," "temporary," and "seasonal," too.

Temp agencies. These employment specialists may be able to find technology internship opportunities for you that are not listed with your college, or on job boards. Temp agencies may also be able to identify temporary positions that they can work with the employer to convert into an internship.

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can go about finding the perfect technology internship for you. Just check all your resources, and remember to start early!

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Leena Goyco is currently in school, focusing on business and technology. She recently landed an internship working with a testing automation group and has enjoyed learning how applications and websites are developed.

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